Wretch 32 – Messing Around Doing It

Another glimpse into the upcoming ‘Wretchercise’ mixtape, from the one and only Wretch 32. This sees Wretch flow over another brilliantly produced beat, allowing Wretch to take over the track, and let us focus on his supremely catchy and often funny lyrics.

I don’t think he could provide any more excellence to make me love him, and his music. Cannot wait until May 9th to see him at Shepherds Bush, gonna be huge! He recently dropped into Charlie Sloth’s Radio 1 show in the early hours, and delivered a game-topping freestyle, which you can check here: Wretch 32 – Fire In The Booth Freestyle

As a sidenote, Wretch played at Blackberry’s Plus 5 event last night, along side Jessie J, an evening which resulted in someone being stabbed in the neck, and well that’s never good. So hope he comes out in good health.


True Tiger – Breakaway x ‘Eye To Eye’ EP Preview

Continuing the run of brilliant new music today, here’s a new one from True Tiger. Again, another free download.

In the build up for the release of ‘Eye To Eye’ EP (out 16th April), this massive free track should give you plenty of reasons to make sure you get hold of the EP! In the 4 minutes 21 seconds, you should be convinced enough.

Get a preview of the upcoming EP below:


Josh Osho – The Manifesto EP Preview Interview

If you’re yet to hear the wondrous talents of Josh Osho, then The Manifesto EP, will be the perfect introduction for you. Dropping on Monday 12th March (This Monday), it also features the brilliant talents of Etta Bond, Rize, and Smiler. If you are still unsold, it’s available for free, so I mean, you haven’t exactly got anything to lose, have you? After announcing the release date for the EP last night on Twitter, I managed to get a quick interview with Josh, about The Manifesto, his recent slot on the MOBO Tour and the inspirational words Ghostface Killah has given him.

You’ve recently finished playing on the MOBO Tour in various locations over the UK, did you get a great reception everywhere you played?

Yeah man, it was an awesome experience, I got a way better reception then I had actually anticipated! It was proper eye opening.

You were there along side Clement Marfo & The Frontline, Smiler, Benny Banks and a few others. Who do you see really taking off after witnessing them on the tour?

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM and I’m not just saying that. Clems energy with his band is nuts, its really infectious I found myself bubbling in the crowd during his set every night lol. Smiler I slept on for a while but managed to swing him onto my upcoming EP after being blown away by some freestyles, then his mixtape, ‘All I Know’. And Benny has been about for a while putting in the ground work and I don’t see why he cant fly.

Off the back of the MOBO Tour, along with Smiler, you’ve got him to feature on The Manifesto, as well as Etta Bond. If that’s not showcasing brilliant UK talent, I don’t know what is. Where they artists you were desperate to get on the release?

100% Etta was in the plans from day 1. I met her yonks ago and she has a beautiful soul then obviously I clocked her talent, and yeah I was eager to get her on board. Then like I say, Smiler is flying at the moment. Theres also an up and coming rapper called Rize on a track called ‘Superman’, who everyone should look out for, his grasp of lyricism is something else

I can understand how exciting it must be for any artist to get music finally out there, but I’ve been flowing the progress of The Manifesto, and you’ve really showed how much you’ve put into it. How glad are you that it’s finally coming out soon?

Oh man, over the mooon, for so many reasons! I try in everything I do to give from the heart and so-so much time but more so, thought and energy goes into the creative process so it just feels like the full cycle when you can share it! On top of that I did the whole project completely independent from the label, so getting it off the ground was a bit of a task but it feels so good having it there on my lap. Im mad excited, for myself and the supporters

Would you say it’s your best work to date?

Its progress, I don’t think I could ever say this or that is my best work honestly as all my work is my best work I don’t think I’d let anything I didn’t believe in 100% go out, but im really proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish.

What sort of feel can we expect on The Manifesto?

Musically as is kind of a custom for me, I’ve drawn from so many places and the producers I worked with all offered something different but its all quite dense and soulful, and there’s quite a lot of layers conceptually

I thought it was well deserved, but was it a bit mad getting nominated in the 4Music’s Ones To Watch 2012 list – seeing as they had people like Labrinth and Emeli Sande on there too!

Yh it was quite kl actually but im just tryna focus on what I do best writing, creating performing, those things just motivate me more I guess

It’s quite hard these days to find proper uplifting new music. But ‘Redemption Days’ could put a smile on anyone’s face I reckon. Do you find it earlier to write music like that?

Not particularly I just right relative to how I feel inspired at that moment as time goes on you’ll experience so many different dimensions of how emotionally I express myself, im a bit mad.

How many Take Two episodes have we got left to enjoy?

Well I think so far threes been 6 and the whole series is 10 so 4 more, but I may carry on and do more series’…

Redemption Days (video earlier) was compared to the Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ and Ghostface Killah said “I usually don’t work with a lot of people, but my man Josh is in another lane!” There’s been so much high praise for you, but what stands out as the best bit of acclaim – if you have one?

That probably, ghost a huge inspiration and a mentor for it and me was a marker right at the beginning of my career, but ive had a lot of support and im grateful for every little bit

I know we should be given some time to soak in The Manifesto, but what’s happening with the album? Any dates on that yet?

No dates yet, but its more or less finished, just production tweaks but the writing process is DONE!

Would like to thank Josh for the speed of the interview, and still having great answers! Make sure you all cop a copy of The Manifesto EP on Monday!

Aruba Red – We’re Gonna Make It (Acoustic)

Aruba Red – We’re Gonna Make It (Acoustic) – feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson & Charlie Laffer

Stunning acoustic performance from Aruba Red, of her track, ‘We’re Gonna Make It’. If you’ve been in attenedence at one of Maverick Sabre’s Lonely Are The Brave Tour dates, then you’ll have already seen her perform, and judging by Twitter reactions, the shows have been going down very, very well. Looking forward to the Camden Roundhouse show on Saturday – there’ll be a review of the show, and possibly an interview with a support act too. (Look at this post, and you’ll get the idea of who it is…)

Labrinth – Electronic Earthquake (ALBUM PREVIEW)

A long awaited preview of an album which is fairly long awaited itself. Labrinth’s album, ‘Electronic Earth’ promises to be one of the year. I mean, if you listen to this, and don’t appreciate to consistent, exceptional production, then I must have put the wrong video into this post. My favourite track in this preview has to be Lab’s collab with Emeli Sande, ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’. Get a feature from Emeli and improving the track is a definite. It’s a superb preview, but you’ll have to wait ’till April 2nd to get a copy!


Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (ft. Ne-Yo)

I happen to love Calvin Harris. Don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed one of his songs, and his next single, ‘Let’s Go’ is no exception. ‘Let’s Go’ is the third single from his upcoming album, and feels exactly like a number 1, if I’m honest, it feels like ‘We Found Love’. Don’t hold that against the track though, just enjoy it.

Plan B – Ill Manors

“No such thing as Broken Britain, we’re just Broke In Britain”


I find it hard to describe the most unbelievable tracks I hear. Every time I think of using words like ‘huge’, ‘massive’, ‘amazing’ etc, I’ll donate £1 to a charity.

Here is the return of one of the best artists the UK has to offer. Plan B, with ‘Ill Manors’:

I discovered Plan B with the introduction of Strickland, so I was a little late. But that didn’t stop me from getting everything I could in music terms from Ben Drew. Fair to say, I was obsessed. And this new track sees a return to my favourite type of Plan B – the Who Needs Actions Plan B. Hard delivery, hard lyrics, hard instrumetals. (Never said I couldn’t say ‘hard’, did I?)

From the first few lines, you know it’ll be huge (Shit, sorry), and it continues, getting bigger and bigger. I was expecting the best, and well, I got it. I’m, also expecting everyone to soak this up, and proclaim it to be the best track of the year so far… and I’d agree completely with them!

Real lyrics, with a proper message. But what would expect from Ben? He’s always done this. Sold out? Check again!