Jesus’ Good Friday Mix

Right, I’ll reel off all the stuff about me not being a DJ or producer, so remember to not expect high quality, even medium at some points. Just try and enjoy the *very good* selection of tracks in this mix. And remember, you can’t slate it, because Jesus wouldn’t like it.

No real reason for this mix, other than it’s what Jesus would’ve wanted from me. And much like the theory of Jesus and Christianity, my mix is also a little rough round the edges.


1) Flux Pavilion ft. Example – Daydreamer
2) Dead Prez & WTF – It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop
3) Wretch 32 – Climax (Usher Refix)
4) Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Mensah Remix)
5) Wiley – Evolve Or Be Extinct
6) Chase & Status ft. Cee Lo Green – Brixton Briefcase (VIP Dub Mix)
7) Wiley – 50/50
8) Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean ft. 2 Chainz – Mercy
9) Kanye West ft. Florence Welch & Lupe Fiasco – Touch The Sky (Urban Noize Remix)
10) Don Diablo ft. Example – Instant Replay
11) Wretch 32 – Messing Around Doing It
12) DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal – The Power
13) Kanye West ft. DJ Khaled – Theraflu
14) Riz MC ft. Plan B & Aruba Red – All Of You
15) Labrinth – Earthquake (All Stars Remix) [ft. Tinie Tempah, Kano, Wretch 32, Busta Rhymes]
16) Labrinth – Earthquake (Noisa Remix)


April Fools Mix

In no way am I a DJ or producer, no way at all. But I thought, as I had a spare 30 minutes, that I’d do a little mix for the page. It’s done in one go, or ‘one take’ (hence the ending), and was done completely on my iPad, with each track having been purchased for real money off of iTunes, so there’s no real copyright shit to moan about (I think), anyway, try and enjoy it. Little rough around the edges, but the tracks chosen are fucking brilliant. Old, new, but all brilliant. Goes a little shit in the middle, but being honest, I like the beginning and end. Hope it’s alright.

As a sidenote, this is in celebration of reaching 15,000 views! So thank you very much, even if you hated what you read/listened/watched on my page, you count as a view, so thanks I guess. Love to you all… Enjoy this if at all possible, and even download it for free if you fancy:

(If the sound quality is a little awful, I don’t know why, but I’ll try correct or improve it sometime)

1) Chase & Status ft. Cee Lo Green – Brixton Briefcase (VIP Dub Mix)
2) Wiley – 50/50
3) Labrinth – Last Time (Knife Party Remix)
4) SBTRKT – Wildfire
5) Plan B – ill Manors (The Prodigy Remix)
6) Plan B – No Good (Chase & Status Remix)
7) Example – Midnight Run (Sheldrake Remix)
8) Example – Stay Awake (Moam Remix)
9) Wretch 32 ft. Example – Unorthodox (Moto Blanco Remix)
10) Faithless – Insomnia
11) JME – 96 Fuckries
12) Clement Marfo & The Frontline – Overtime (Royal T Remix)
13) Clement Marfo & The Frontline – Mayhem (Ishi Mix)
14) Professor Green ft. Example – Monster (Camo & Krooked Remix)
15) JME – 96 Fuckries

Emeli Sande: The New Role Model.

Every so often you get to hear a new album which you’ll be completely absorbed in. You won’t be able to leave it alone. But last Monday, we had Maverick Sabre’s ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ come out, so surely we’d have to wait a fair bit for another album of that quality, right? Well, a week is a long time in music, I guess.

As this Monday, just one week after Mav’s debut, we’re treated to the incredible Emeli Sande’s – ‘Our Version Of Events’.

With her number 2 single, ‘Heaven’, and the incredible feature on Professor Green’s ‘Read All About It’, Emeli began to attract a lot of attention, which peaked when she was announced as the BRITS Critics Choice Award Winner, following in the footsteps of Ellie Goulding, Florence & The Machine, Jessie J, oh, and Adele!

But if you were more aware, you’ll know that Emeli has been showing her talents for a bit now. Writing for and with, what seems, every fairly successful X-Factor candidate, but also with Wiley, Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder and Wretch 32, plus featuring on great tracks with the likes of Chipmunk (Diamond Rings) and Wiley (Never Be Your Woman) and Tinie Tempah (Let Go). She’s also be described as, the Dark Lord himself, Simon Cowell’s ‘favourite songwriter’! Oh, 1 more then, she’s recently finished touring with none other than Coldplay… Things going well then?

You could possibly be forgiven for thinking the hype may have outdone the talents she has. But, well, you’d be wrong. Because, ‘Our Version Of Events’ showcases, arguably, the best UK talent out there right now. And, well Adele’s still out there isn’t she. I mean, I know that’s a big thing to say, but well, I certainly stand by it.

Kicking off her debut LP, is her number 2 single, that I mentioned earlier – ‘Heaven’. Sublime production which brings out the strong, majestic vocals of Sande. Pitched by Emeli as a confession that she’s changed so much since she was younger – but that it’s because “of everything that comes with living.” Just one of the many examples of how down to earth she is.

Originally, this post was planned as a track-by-track review of ‘Our Version Of Events’, but then I just thought, who’s really going to go out and buy it purely because of a review of mine? you’re going to buy it anyway. So I thought I’d try and show anyone reading, why Emeli Sande is the perfect role-model to aspire for – not even just for becoming a musician, but an all-round person too.

There are a lot of talented musicians. No doubt. But how many would you describe as intelligent? How many would you describe as humble? How many would you actually describe as a ‘nice person’? I certainly can’t think of that many. But after watching a mini documentary on Emeli, entitled, ‘Her Version Of Events’, you realise you can firmly include Emeli Sande in those previous categories.

She’s always shown the musical promise – learning the piano at the age of 10, and writing at 11, but she was once on course to becoming a neurologist – brain surgery for those who don’t recognise! Her link to this can be seen in her second single, ‘Daddy’. “Everyone is essentially addicted to something.” She says, adding, “I think that’s why I loved studying neurology… We’re all flawed in some way.” She also, when speaking to Q Magazine, said, “I’m really fascinated by mental breakdown.”

Despite being just 16, Emeli won Trevor Nelson’s BBC Urban Music Competition – which, fairly obviously, brought in label interest. In the same Q Magazine article, she said, “I’d sit and play to a line of men behind a glass shield talking about where the music should go… I could feel my control slipping.” This is when she chose to follow the science road for a while, but still maintaining the musical side – in playing as a background jazz pianist in Glasgow – for £40 a night! I think it takes a lot of commitment and loyalty to your talents to turn down record label interest. But if, and when, it pays off, it pays off big – as seen with that guy Ed Sheeran!

You could really pin down why Emeli is doing as well as she is now, by her mum’s actions. Obviously Emeli could have reached this stage at some point, but it was her mum who sent off a sample CD over to BBC Radio 1xtra, which eventually found its way through to Naughty Boy – which formed a very strong musical relationship between the two of them – creating ‘Daddy’ on their first session just over 3 years ago. She seemed blown away by his love of music. “I loved how passionate he was… purely about the music!” And it was in 2010, when she finally got a deal with EMI and Virgin.

What I find most incredible about Emeli is her humbleness. She’s speaks so highly of so many highly deserving artists that she’s worked with, especially the already mentioned Naughty Boy and Tinie Tempah… “He was so on point.” It’s something you don’t often see too much nowadays, artists giving other artists proper heartfelt credit and applause.

Despite this not being a track-by-track review, I thought I had to write a bit about my favourite track on the album. ‘Hope’. Obviouslty every track offers so much, in terms of raw emotion expressed through Sande’s brilliantly worked lyrics, which can sum up the most complicated of feelings into one sentence. ‘My Kind Of Love’, ‘Maybe’, ‘River’, and especially ‘Read All About It (Part III) – [below] all showcase this.

But ‘Hope’ really stood out to me – due it’s message.

So many artists can write perfect songs based on various, let’s face it, depressing emotions. Even some of my favourite artists can’t really get the effect Emeli has managed to achieve with this track. ‘Hope’ is the most inspiring, uplifting track I’ve heard in a very long time. You can see the opportunity the London riots have offered musicians, alongside youth unemployment rates, and just the general decline in views of young people, it’s a topic which can create some great music. But Sande has captured that whole picture, but also included other moments of desperation from far away from the UK – “I have a link to Zambia and places with standards of living that are just horrible.” Written with Alicia Keys, on a rainy day in New York just after the aforementioned riots, they came up with the first line: “I hope that the world stops raining, stops turning its back on the young” – she described it as a “prayer”. It’s 3 minutes of beautiful crafted music, inspiring lyrics, soulfully sung vocals with the brilliant production that is a constant throughout the album.

Emeli Sande is intelligent, talented, and just perfectly humble. A proper winning combination in life – not just music. If you don’t get lost in this album, I feel sorry for you.

Enjoy this cover of Blur’s classic, ‘Country House’, from her recent trip to Radio 1’s Live Lounge below. Really is something!

Ed Sheeran – No.5 Collaborations Project EP | Just Over A Year On!

I thought I hadn’t written a longer piece in a while, and I sort of wanted to, seeing as I’ve just passed the 5,000 views mark. And I was trying to think of something, thinking while I was listening to my music in that little world I head off to. And I was listening to, in my view; Ed Sheeran’s best ever work. The No.5 Collaborations Project. I didn’t just listen to it once through. Probably closer to 7/8 times through. Which may sound ridiculous – but I just love it that much.

And I thought, it’s just a bit over a year since its release, so I could do a piece on what’s happened to Ed since, but I’d already done that HERE, so I was stuck. But I thought why not just do a year on review of one of my favourite EP’s since I’ve been alive. So I did. Try and enjoy it!

When I bought this EP, in physical form, and off iTunes, I had known about Ed’s talents for a few good months, so I’d already bought and listened to everything of his so far. And at that point, I wasn’t a massive grime fan. (I wouldn’t say I am now, just I enjoy a bit of it) So I remember being unsure as to what to expect.

But by the first track, I was blown away. However, I can never decide which of the tracks is my personal highlight.

I mean, ‘Lately‘ has Ed and Devlin rapping supremely.

You‘ has Wiley flowing quite deeply, surrounded with Ed’s enticing chorus. Always had a connection with Wi’s, as usual, brilliant lyrics on this track!

Family‘ has P Money going deep on his car crash, and, I’d say, has the best production – as always, courtesy of Jake Gosling.

Radio‘ has the brilliant JME, and again, has Ed’s chorus’ at their best. And also, ironically, got a bit of radio play – which was right at the start of Ed’s radio playlist domination.

Little Lady‘. Well, does it need bigging up? Mikill Pane story-telling over the already beautiful ‘A Team‘ chords and chorus. Everyone’s supposed to remember where they were when Kennedy was shot. Well, I wasn’t alive then. So, my version of that is that everyone should remember where they were when the first fully listened to ‘Little Lady‘. I was ‘doing’ revision, and it came on, and I was just captivated in the heart-retching tale of the girl Mikill portrays.

Drown Me Out‘ features Ghetts, with, I’d say, some of the best lyrics on the EP.

Nightmares‘, with Random Impulse, Sway, and, at that point, a fairly unknown Wretch 32. All of the artists smashed their respective verses on this one! (Oh, and big up to Random Impulse, who today, singed to Universal!)

The lastly, Dot Rotten’sGoodbye To You‘ – another deep, personal, and great, track.

It’s just impossible to choose a favourite track from that list!

I think what makes the EP so special is that. practically all the artists, including Ed, were fairly unknown. It was a proper ‘Project’ as Ed called it. Grime mixing with Ed’s vocals just work absolutely perfectly!

And furthering that, Ed was either lucky, or the artists were saving something big for the next big thing, which happened to Ed. Because, Wiley, P Money, Mikill Pane, to an extent, Ghetts, and Dot Rotten – all went deep and/or personal. Which will always make for amazing listening – especially when protected by Ed’s superhuman vocals.

I very often get carried away with a release. And to an extent, it does die down after a while. So it really shows a release’s class when I still have that same connection to it, that I had when I first plugged myself into it. And the No. 5 Collaborations Project does just that!

It also got another slice of radio love recently. With BBC Radio 1xtra airing live performnces of a few of the tracks, including, ‘Family‘ ft. P Money and ‘Letely‘ ft. Devlin, plus a couple others. You can check these brilliant performences on YouTube, but I thought I’d include ‘Little Lady‘ in this post:

It obviously also represents Ed’s first real musical chart success, as the top image shows, it peaked at number 2 on the iTunes chart. Which would be amazing on its own. But this EP had no promotion, or record label backing – only the likes of Twitter etc. So, even in that sense, it’s a special EP!

I’m finishing writing this off, as Ed prepared for his newest slice of collaboration to be played on Zane Lowe’s show – ‘You Don’t Know (For Fuck Sake)’ ft. Yelawolf (listen to it, and read my review on that link – oh and download it for FREE!). I do love it. There’s no denying it. But I’ve always preferred the thought of Ed with UK artists. But I guess it shows how far Ed’s come. He’s always said how much he’d wanted to work with American artists in this style of format, and he’s finally done it, and done it well! But yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever not like an Ed Sheeran track.

I really want to say though, ‘You Don’t Know…‘ is a brilliant track, and I really cannot wait to the full release of ‘The Slumdon Bridge‘! – 4 tracks from scratch, in 10 hours… Incredible!

But I don’t think Ed can ever top it for me. Which could be seen as a saddening fact. But everyone has their favourites from him – and the Collaborations Project will, I think, always be mine.

Nina Nesbitt announces new 5-track EP release date!

The beautifully vocally talented Nina Nesbitt has released her plans for her next EP on her Facebook page. The singer/songwriter who has been announced recently as a support act for a few of Example’s arena dates notably said, “The next EP is going to be slightly different from the last,” adding, “Some of the tracks are going to have a few more instruments added but i’m still keeping it very real and not turning into an electronic auto tuned robot – so don’t worry.”

“It’s going to be released in April 2012, just before I support Example on his arena tour and it’s going to contain 5 tracks.”

More good news from this announcement too: “The wonderful Jake Gosling is going to be producing this EP with me, he’s recently worked with Wiley, Ed Sheeran (+) and is now working on Paloma Faith’s next album so I feel very fortunate to work with him.”

As for the name of the EP, nothing so far. Nina says, “I’ve got an idea but it’s something I don’t want to rush into deciding on just for the sake of it, i’m going to take my time to name it and i’ll let you all know when I have decided on it.”

After the brilliant ‘Live Take EP’, I cannot wait to hear this in April. And if you’re going to Example’s arena tour in the upcoming few months – lucky you for getting to see Nina supporting!

These are the comfirmed support gigs Nina has for Example’s shows:

1st May – Birmingham NAI – w/Example
3rd May – Belfast Odyssey Arena – w/Example
5th May – Leeds Millennium Square – w/Example
6th May – Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon – w/Example

You can purchase the ‘Live Take EP’ here

For now, you can check out her brilliant track, ‘Skeletons’ below:

Review | Wiley – Evolve Or Be Extinct

The Godfather’s returned? Sorry, but when did he leave?

It was only last June when Wiley released ‘100% Publishing‘. And, yeah that was a great album in itself. But just 7 or so months later, he’s back with a 22-track LP – ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct‘.

Instead of attempting to do a track-by-track review, I thought it’d be better to do an overview, and include some of my favourites from the album.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, in this 22-track, there’d be a few weak ones. Sure, there’s some that are better than some others – but you get that on every album, and it’s down to personal preferences. And I do think it starts better than it ends – but, to tell the truth, there are no ‘weak’ tracks here. And, there are some absolutely brilliant tracks:

#1 – ‘Welcome To Zion’As I’ve always thought, the opening track is so important. If you don’t shine on the first track, why the rest be any different. It hasn’t got to be the best track, but something to get you hooked. ‘Welcome To Zion‘ does just that.

#2 – ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’The title track, and it showcases what the rest of the majority of the album will sound like. Huge. A great beat, surrounding Wiley’s top lyrics.

#6 – ‘Weirdo’Featuring a sort of distorted, creepy Tetris style beat, Wiley again, superhumanly delivers in full-on style.

#8 – ‘Can I Have A Taxi Please?’You’ll see in the next couple of track mentions, that ‘story-telling’, features again. But this story includes a beat, and various people trying to book a taxi – including, my favourite, ‘that typical posh guy’. It then ends with Wiley slamming a taxi company – which is always funny to hear.

#11/12 – ‘Customs’/ ‘Immigration’These are technically two tracks, but effectively go together. ‘Customs‘ is basically just a story- a lead-up to ‘Immigration‘. A story of Wiley being stopped at customs, for one of those ‘checks’, with a jumped up policeman. Giving some context to the next track, ‘Immigration‘. A track, which again, has great production and lyrics from Wiley.

#14 – ‘This Is Just An Album’Similar, in the sense that the production is pretty relaxed, to ‘Numbers In Action‘. And it features typically top lyrics and delivery from Wiley. ‘Had to let the beat breathe for a second’. Yeah, this is a ‘slowed down’ track, but doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant.

#22 – ‘High And Lows’Well he had to end strongly. ‘Highs And Lows‘ features a fairly laid-back beat, when compared to the rest of the album, which really shows off Wiley’s lyrical class. I’d be surprised if after to listening to this track, you don’t skip straight back to the beginning.

It’s dark at points, it’s funny at points, but it’s brilliance shines throughout. 2012 has already served up some great music, and in short, Wiley’s album is right up there!