Scissor Sisters – ‘Only The Horses’ (prod. Calvin Harris & Alex Ridha)

Taken off their forthcoming album, ‘Magic Hour’, Scissor Sisters have premiered the next single moments ago on Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 show. Slightly different to the Kanye West track I gave you all this Good Friday morning, but still a really good track for me! Calvin’s impact on the track is obvious, one of the best working producers in my view, this is coming close to ‘We Found Love’! Production also coming from Alex Ridha, from Boys Noize, completes the track, and although it’s a  probable chart climber, it maintains a different feel to a dead-cert number 1.

On Calvin, front man Jake Shears said, “”I’ve known Calvin for quite a while, we met originally making some music with Kylie for the ‘Aphrodite’ album. He’s just a lovely guy, he’s so wonderful.”

The track is due to be released on 13th May, with the album on May 28th. The album features very talented people, not just Calvin and Alex Ridha. None other Pharrell Williams! Shears told Fearne: “I was a little bit intimidated, because I think Pharrell’s really amazing… dare I say it, I think it might be some of our best work on this album.”


Wretch 32 – Messing Around Doing It

Another glimpse into the upcoming ‘Wretchercise’ mixtape, from the one and only Wretch 32. This sees Wretch flow over another brilliantly produced beat, allowing Wretch to take over the track, and let us focus on his supremely catchy and often funny lyrics.

I don’t think he could provide any more excellence to make me love him, and his music. Cannot wait until May 9th to see him at Shepherds Bush, gonna be huge! He recently dropped into Charlie Sloth’s Radio 1 show in the early hours, and delivered a game-topping freestyle, which you can check here: Wretch 32 – Fire In The Booth Freestyle

As a sidenote, Wretch played at Blackberry’s Plus 5 event last night, along side Jessie J, an evening which resulted in someone being stabbed in the neck, and well that’s never good. So hope he comes out in good health.

DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal – The Power

Although this is only a 2 minute preview, it already sounds like a massive future hit. Anything DJ Fresh has done, has be so far, so if you then get the king that is Dizzee on a track too, then it’s practically guaranteed.

It was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show as the ‘Hottest Record In The World’ last night, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s released on 3rd June, which seems ages away. So, sorry to disappoint. But you’ll be hearing it everywhere anyway, so there’s no need to worry.


Wretch 32 – Fire In The Booth Freestyle

Wretch 32 is by far one of the greatest artists the UK has to offer. But it’s been a while since he took the music scene by storm, so has he managed to maintain that high standard we saw back them? Well, no. He’s improved. Last night, at around 2am, Wretch stepped into Charlie Sloth’s Radio 1, to feature in Sloth’s ‘Fire In The Booth’ freestyle series. Unbelievably talented, watch and admire – 2nd verse is exceptional:

Make sure you watch out for the upcoming mixtape ‘Wretchercise’, if you wanted any more encouragement, check this ‘Climax’ freestlye:

Flux Pavilion ft. Example – Daydreamer

What happens when you take one of the UK’s hottest producers and one of the UK’s most talented artists, well this:

A while back, I brought you the first recorded club drop of this track, and even then it sounded so very strong, but this studio version, premiered on Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show tonight, sounds like heaven. Get some good headphones, and lay back listening to this. Bliss.

Plan B – Ill Manors

“No such thing as Broken Britain, we’re just Broke In Britain”


I find it hard to describe the most unbelievable tracks I hear. Every time I think of using words like ‘huge’, ‘massive’, ‘amazing’ etc, I’ll donate £1 to a charity.

Here is the return of one of the best artists the UK has to offer. Plan B, with ‘Ill Manors’:

I discovered Plan B with the introduction of Strickland, so I was a little late. But that didn’t stop me from getting everything I could in music terms from Ben Drew. Fair to say, I was obsessed. And this new track sees a return to my favourite type of Plan B – the Who Needs Actions Plan B. Hard delivery, hard lyrics, hard instrumetals. (Never said I couldn’t say ‘hard’, did I?)

From the first few lines, you know it’ll be huge (Shit, sorry), and it continues, getting bigger and bigger. I was expecting the best, and well, I got it. I’m, also expecting everyone to soak this up, and proclaim it to be the best track of the year so far… and I’d agree completely with them!

Real lyrics, with a proper message. But what would expect from Ben? He’s always done this. Sold out? Check again!

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Forgive the Rihanna style song name, because this is terrific!

As on of the top comments says, this isn’t a return to form, it’s a continuation of excellent form. So, thanks whoever you are for writing that for me to take.

Seriously though, this feels like a Favourite Worst Nightmare album track! Which has been hard to say recently. It still maintains the newish stlye of the Arctic’s, but there are definite sign of the previous musical givings from one of the greatest bands this century!

This is about to get it’s first play on Radio 1 very soon, with Alex Turner joining Zane Lowe on Radio 1 – so check that!