Wretch 32 – Messing Around Doing It

Another glimpse into the upcoming ‘Wretchercise’ mixtape, from the one and only Wretch 32. This sees Wretch flow over another brilliantly produced beat, allowing Wretch to take over the track, and let us focus on his supremely catchy and often funny lyrics.

I don’t think he could provide any more excellence to make me love him, and his music. Cannot wait until May 9th to see him at Shepherds Bush, gonna be huge! He recently dropped into Charlie Sloth’s Radio 1 show in the early hours, and delivered a game-topping freestyle, which you can check here: Wretch 32 – Fire In The Booth Freestyle

As a sidenote, Wretch played at Blackberry’s Plus 5 event last night, along side Jessie J, an evening which resulted in someone being stabbed in the neck, and well that’s never good. So hope he comes out in good health.


Example – Old/ Unreleased/ Feature & Covers (Limited Free Download)

Right, just then I gave you the way to download Example’s Little Noise Sessions acoustic set. I also mentioned he’d put out some other older material earlier. I foolishly didn’t realise it was up for free too! So here it is.

This set includes some really top notch tracks, with features on with Giggs and D Double E, to DJ Wire & Example mixes. Well worth the download! Note that some of the demos aren’t availbable for download, but you can still listen to them, and therefore increase your enjoyment levels on this sunny Monday afternoon. Listen to my personal favourite of the set below…

Don Diablo – Instant Replay feat. Example (2009)



Delilah – ‘2-4am’ | Review

The darker, underground twist that pop music is craving for.

(I’ll just tell you while you’re here, you can listen to the mixtape in full at the bottom of the page, and download it for FREE [even though it says ‘Buy’] – should be easy to find how to)

Delilah dropped her newest project on Mistajam’s 1xtra show last night. And boy is it a good’un. ‘2-4am‘ shows the pure class many have come to expect from the extremely talented singer/songwriter.

It’s incredible. Despite being classed as ‘pop’, Delilah has managed to maintain that typical mixtape feel. A sense of the underground, even a darker side in some tracks – all surrounded and enhanced by the brilliance in the production.

It kicks off with ‘Never Be Another‘ – a track produced by Balistiq, which had been released early this year (Delilah – Never Be Another | Review). A great track to start the mixtape off with, even if you’ve already heard it, because in no way has lost that fresh first listen feeling.

Then second track, which also had already been released, but again, a lesser known one. ‘Love You So‘ was Delilah’s next single, after the success of ‘Go‘. And it featured a brilliant remix from Joe Goddard – of Hot Chip and The 2 Bears. It was so good, Delilah placed it in her new mixtape.

After the two tracks many people will have heard, Delilah  throws in a beaut, ‘The Gospel‘. Possibly my favourite track on the whole mixtape.

Closer‘ follows. And continues where the last track left off. Delilah’s voice has something purely unique about it – perfectly shown in tracks like ‘Closer‘ – and if you can’t love the uniqueness, you should be able to at least appreciate it.

Next up is ‘Love Drug‘. Well, yeah, I’m going to start running out of positives soon. Also looks like there will be no negatives. Especially judging by the lack of them on Jam’s 1xtra show last night. He couldn’t find one down-beat comment sent in. Which in this day and age, is properly surprising!

Lay By‘ follows. It was first played on Mistajam’s show almost exactly a year ago. So you’d be forgiven for thinking it may be a weaker track, as it’s surrounded all these new ones. I mean, you shouldn’t be forgiven really. Because ‘Lay By‘ is such a strong track. Despite being another strong track, it was heard a while back, so it does show the pure consistency Delilah has. Great track, after great track, after great track.

And surprisingly, another great track follows ‘Lay By‘. ‘Wish I Had Your Life‘ further showcases Delilah’s exceptionally talented vocals. Just pure uniqueness pouring out of this mixtape’s track-listing!

And unfortunately, this next track is the end to this project. By, it’s not all sadness here, as ‘21‘ is just as brilliant as the previous 7 tracks. Another contender for my favourite track off ‘2-4am‘. Also, you can always just replay the mixtape? Seems to work well.

If you couldn’t tell from my slightly ‘over-the-top’ love for ‘2-4am‘, then I’ll say it now. This mixtape showcases some of the best music the UK has to offer right now! Sublime vocals, singing out the perfectly crafted lyrics, along side the immensely tight production. Yes, I love it.

In these first couple weeks of February, we really are greeted with brilliant, new, exciting music. Firstly, this Delilah mixtape, ‘2-4am‘, then over the weekend, Maverick Sabre’s debut album, ‘Lonely Are The Brave‘ is out, then the weekend after, BRITS Critics Choice Award winner, Emeli Sande releases her hotly anticipated debut LP – ‘Our Version Of Events‘.

I hope for the sake of ‘pop’, that Delilah is able to take it in her own way.

Eric Turner ft. Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah – Angels & Stars

And to make a hat-trick of Eric Turner posts… have a listen to this absolute beast of a track!

Eric has obviously worked with Tinie before, in ‘Written In The Stars’, and has also worked with Lupe before too, with the great track on his ‘Lasers’ album, ‘Break The Chain’ (which also featured Sway).

Eric has again, rightly stuck with iSHi for the production, and it pays off once again! All of these producers and artists have all worked together at some point, so each release from Eric’s upcoming mixtape feels like a proper family release, a real connection between the featured artists – which can only be a great thing!

Eric Turner (Featuring Kardinall Offishall, Wretch 32, and Professor Green) – Style Changer. [Prod. iSHi]

I’ve waited to review this track for a few days now. Basically me not being able to operate Hulkshare meant I couldn’t actually put a copy of the track into the review to listen to – which I always try and do. So I had to wait ’till I’ve found a radio rip on YouTube, and now I found that radio rip (it’s at the end of this post). So here you go…

Oh, quickly see if you can guess which radio DJ’s show it was premiered on…

Mistajam’s. Like so many great tracks are now!

Eric Turner will predominately be known for his superb feature on Tinie’s ‘Written In The Stars’, but my favourite track I’ve heard him on, was his collaboration feature with Sway on Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Break The Chain’. To be fair, both were, and still are great tracks. But now we have something he can credit himself on. Eric Turner (Featuring Kardinall Offishall, Wretch 32, and Professor Green) – Style Changer.

This is the first track heard off of Eric Turner’s upcoming mixtape, and the production is courtesy of iSHI, who is also responsible for some other great production work, funnily enough, for each of the artists in this Eric Turner track. My two favourite album tracks from Wretch’s ‘Black And White’ album were produced by iSHi, ‘Sane’s The New Mad’, and ‘Don’t Be Afraid (ft. Delilah)’. iSHi has also notably produced ‘Game Over’ which in my view included Pro Green’s been ever verse (the Kerry Katona line gets me every time!). He also produced the ‘Break The Chain’ track I mentioned earlier, and helped produce ‘Read All About It’. Devlin’s ‘Brainwashed’, Example’s ‘Two Lives’, and 4 tracks off Tinie’s debut album (including Eric’s featured track, ‘Written In The Stars’) were all, also, done by iSHI! So, with a list like that, it’s no surprise that the production on this track is supreme!

Wretch’s verse is top, and so is Pro’s – I wouldn’t say their best feature track verses, however. My favourite feature verse from Wretch, was on the remix of ‘Hitz’. And I’ve already told you that I think Pro’s was in ‘Game Over’! But, those set very high standards, which will be very hard to top! So, I’m in no way saying they’re lacking here – and the fact you can hear them on the same track, along with the brilliant Kardinall Offishall and Eric Turner, is more than enough talent for me!

If this level of production and featured artists is kept throughout the upcoming mixtape, then we shall count ourselves lucky!