Jesus’ Good Friday Mix

Right, I’ll reel off all the stuff about me not being a DJ or producer, so remember to not expect high quality, even medium at some points. Just try and enjoy the *very good* selection of tracks in this mix. And remember, you can’t slate it, because Jesus wouldn’t like it.

No real reason for this mix, other than it’s what Jesus would’ve wanted from me. And much like the theory of Jesus and Christianity, my mix is also a little rough round the edges.


1) Flux Pavilion ft. Example – Daydreamer
2) Dead Prez & WTF – It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop
3) Wretch 32 – Climax (Usher Refix)
4) Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Mensah Remix)
5) Wiley – Evolve Or Be Extinct
6) Chase & Status ft. Cee Lo Green – Brixton Briefcase (VIP Dub Mix)
7) Wiley – 50/50
8) Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean ft. 2 Chainz – Mercy
9) Kanye West ft. Florence Welch & Lupe Fiasco – Touch The Sky (Urban Noize Remix)
10) Don Diablo ft. Example – Instant Replay
11) Wretch 32 – Messing Around Doing It
12) DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal – The Power
13) Kanye West ft. DJ Khaled – Theraflu
14) Riz MC ft. Plan B & Aruba Red – All Of You
15) Labrinth – Earthquake (All Stars Remix) [ft. Tinie Tempah, Kano, Wretch 32, Busta Rhymes]
16) Labrinth – Earthquake (Noisa Remix)


Flux Pavilion feat. Example – Daydreamer (Dillon Francis Remix)

Right, I somehow missed this a couple nights ago. Premiered on Mistajam’s show, this is the truly brilliant remix of Flux Pavilion’s collaboration single with Example. The incredible drop only adds to the excellence of the original track, which I was weirdly one of the first people to bring you it. Anyway, lay back, and enjoy:

The track, with other remixes is released on 30th April, so not long now! Make sure you BUY it.

“Let’s Do It For Queen Victoria!”


Example Live @ The Royal Albert Hall For Teenage Cancer Trust

Friday 30th March 2012

Support from Fenech-Soler & Baller B

It’s fair to say I’ve seen a few Example sets – last night happened to be my 6th, and as much of a cliché as it will undoubtedly sound, each one gets better and better. Last time it was at Radio 1’s Student Tour at Hertfordshire Uni, so this time promised to be very very different. I’d never been to the iconic Royal Albert Hall, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I did laugh before I even got in, however. Greeted by the ticket woman, who whilst processing mine, asked, “Is this Example guy from America?” I took my wristband and replied, “Er, nah, Hammersmith.” But as you take the steps up into the standing area, you can’t help but strain your neck to see the unbelievably high galleries towering over you. This was going to be special.

With Fenech-Soler opening, they showcased just why they’re picking up a lot of attention. It may have just been me, but I couldn’t helped but think of them a turbo charged, darkened, electric Coldplay. If you hate Coldplay, then you’ll despise that comparison, but well, that’s what came to mind. Anyway, the ridiculously catchy hooks, mixed with the brilliantly produced, occasionally dark, beats, and proper energy exerted from the band, made for a great start to the night. You could really tell they were enjoying it, and there were emotional ties with the charity for them, after what happened in 2011. If you don’t know much about them, make sure you do soon, their second album will definitely be one to watch!

With it being Teenage Cancer Trust’s week of entertainment at The Royal Albert Hall, the evening took a few moments to watch a very moving video on the sort of people the amazing charity can, and does help. Then followed by another moving moment, this time from a live speech on stage from another person who thanked everyone for donating, and explained all the brilliant work Teenage Cancer Trust did for her and others.

Then on came Baller B, Example’s tour DJ, who played a pretty amazing mix of tracks, from Knife Party, to Jay Z and Kanye, to Flux Pavilion. To be honest, the longer I think about it, the more amazing tracks I remember him playing. Without saying a word, just hand and hair movements, he got everyone, let’s just say a little excited to see the main man himself, Example.

As Sheldrake, Johnny Drum Machine and David Stewart all took to The Albert Hall stage, amid a more post-puberty One Direction screaming environment, then opening track began playing out, ‘Skies Don’t Lie‘. Elliot ventured onto the stage, a stage which had only the night before, hosted Paul McCartney, and un-surprisingly began giving everything, as always.

Through a mix of the old tracks like the mentally ravey ‘See The Sea‘ and ‘Hooligans‘, including the Spor remix of that classic track, and the newer tracks like ‘Never Had A Day‘, ‘Midnight Run‘, and ‘Playing In The Shadows‘, Example and the band got the typically  bouncy crowd response to whatever was heard. All but two people near me, who offered very occasional muscle movement, but who cares about them.

I don’t need to go through each song in the set, and tell you why it was amazing in its own way. Because it’d take ages, and you’d get bored, and or, jealous for not being there. But that was the one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen at an Example gig, closely behind his huge one at V Festival in the summer just gone. The atmosphere was obviously helped by all the energy put in by the 4 guys on stage, added to Example’s unique way to get everyone lightened up, at one point shouting, “Let’s do this for Queen Victoria!” Cue massive bouncing from everyone in the standing to the very top of the galleries.

At one stage, Elliot brought up The Sun’s comments about how he should be worried, with being in the shadows of Paul McCartney’s performance from the night before, they said “You wouldn’t want to be in Example’s trainers at London’s Royal Albert Hall tonight…” He noted that Paul is an undisputed legend, but said he thought we as a crowd could do better. Clearly I wasn’t at McCartney’s show, but I can’t imagine that at any point there was a crowd reaction like there was with ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me‘.

The whole atmosphere of the night was what made it so unique. You could tell it meant a lot for all of them to be on that famous stage, giving off such a positive vibe, which suited the charities evening very well. It wasn’t a ‘guilt trip’ like Comic and Sport Relief can be on occasion. Obviously there  were moving mentions of the brilliant work they do, but it felt just like a proper uplifting gig! The charity is a fully meaningful one, and the more the money they make, the more lives of people around my age that suffer from cancer, will be improved, without comparison. It was made clear how effective their work is, so much so that I ended up emptying my pockets into the donation buckets at the end.

To Capital FM, NME, American Airlines and all the other companies involved in supporting the shows Teenage Cancer Trust are throwing on at The Albert Hall, well done. So, yeah, everything about last night was pretty much perfect, and if you’re off to see Example on his upcoming huge arena tour, then seriously, you’re in for such a treat. It really is “opera at its finest.”

Flux Pavilion ft. Example – Daydreamer

What happens when you take one of the UK’s hottest producers and one of the UK’s most talented artists, well this:

A while back, I brought you the first recorded club drop of this track, and even then it sounded so very strong, but this studio version, premiered on Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show tonight, sounds like heaven. Get some good headphones, and lay back listening to this. Bliss.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Nero & Flux Pavilion Mix)

What happens when you take one of Nero’s best singles, and then mix it along side Flux Pavilion?


Utterly brilliant remix!

Make sure you buy the track, with this remix, plus ones from Azari & III, Kill The Noise, Brookes Brothers and SebastiAn! HUGE.

Flux Pavilion & Example ‘Daydreamer’ Dropped Live!


I’ve been excited to hear this track ever since I heard about the collaboration for Flux Pavilion’s album. Example will forever add to the type of amazing work artists like Flux create!

How it sounds good when recorded off a phone at a live venue, gives me the sign that it will sound huge!


Can’t wait for this release + I’m assuming it will at some point be a single?

Today’s News (3rd Jan ’12)

I don’t normally do things like this, but I’ve seen a few musical news items from last night/today that really took my eye. So, here they are:

1. Flux Pavilion had a brilliant album track played on Mistajam’s 1xtra show last night: Check it here:  YouTube Rip and read a review from Soundhall here: Flux Pavilion – Lift You Higher – Reivew


2. Example has written a new song for The Wanted? Yeah, that’s right! I was a bit surprised by this, after Elliot had criticised their verses in ‘Glad You Came’ in the past. But, I guess this would be a way to show them why he was right?

Despite the early criticism, Elliot now admits his attitudes to The Wanted have changed, saying, “When they first came out I was wrong about them. They were a bit rough around the edges like any boy band are, but now they are really polished.” He continued, “They’re good singers, performers and look great. A lot of people think I hate pop stars but I just don’t like bad pop. I like it that they’re not too choreographed and are like a bunch of mates bumbling around.”

The track is planned to be called ‘Chasing The Sun’, and has been singled out as a song that could help the boy band break into the US music scene. Well, good luck to ’em.

3. Wretch 32’s album ‘Black And White’ has today gone GOLD! Massive congratulations, and a thoroughly deserved one as well. ‘Black And White’ was by far one of the best albums of the year just gone – each track flowing perfectly together, never mind if it was a massive top 5 single, Wretch managed to keep the standard up with incredible album tracks, especially in ‘Sane’s The New Mad’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ – ft. Delilah. It was a real showcase of UK talent, and to see it go gold is just brilliant!

4. The Arctic Monkeys accidentally ruined the New Years countdown at a festival in Australia – by leaving stage at 11:58! Front-man Alex Turner said after the band came back on at 00:01, “Sorry we thought someone else had organised a countdown. Let’s do one now then shall we?” They had already played for over an hour, so I can’t see how anyone would be that annoyed.