Mikill Pane – You Guest It EP – Review

It may not seem that long ago when we were treated to some new material from the Hackney artist, Mikill Pane. So, I was a very pleasant surprise to hear about a new, and importantly, free, EP arriving on Sunday. Not only is it free for anyone to download, it also features other great artists, such as Example, Ed Sheeran and P Money, which can only ever extend a track’s quality.

Kicking off with the Example featuring track, ‘Andy Warhol’, playing on the idea that everyone will be famous at some point, for 15 minutes. “The rich have got the money, but the poor have got the power, what you gonna do with your quarter of an hour?” You can always rely on Elliot giving a great hook on his featured tracks, but it’s rare that we actually get a verse as well, and I could only think back to the ‘What We Made’ days of Example – which I do kind of miss. However, the two together produce a great track in ‘Andy Warhol’, including, in my view, Mikill’s best lyrics in the EP, “I started with a track like a rapping Dwayne Chambers, they said that it was dope, and that’s how I became famous,” being my personal favourite.

Slowing the pace down, is the second track ’25 Tracks’, featuring the exquisite vocals of Ed Sheeran, “You can find me floating sky-bound, when you tell me it’s my time now”. Will there be a review of a Mikill Pane without mentioning Ed? Doubt it. Obviously the two combined their supreme talents to create the alternate version of ‘The A Team’, in ‘Little Lady’, which will always make me stop and listen, and I’m afraid this is another track which will affect my simple levels of concentration.

The third track on the ‘You Guest It’ EP, is ‘Heart & Sole’, detailing sex and shoes, when put simply. And again, has a great hook vocal feature, this time in Paloma Faith. A bit of a surprise this one, but a really effective one, like really effective – the lyric delivery from Mikill really combines with Paloma’s vocals! “Even though Mikill Pane’s not a household name, it kind of rolls off the tongue.” With this level of material, it soon will be.

Moving onto ‘Paper Princess’. “There’s this picture of you and I, and thats the one thing I’ve been left with,” at this point you’ll be thinking this may develop into a heartfelt love track. Er, “On Wednesday, it’ll be gone cause that’s when the dustbins are collected.” Adore that start, and to be honest, the rest of the track too. The guitar strums surround Mikill’s lyrics perfectly, and when added with the always brilliant Yasmin’s chorus, it makes for a fourth great track in a row. On a roll then?

A roll which continues. “Join P Money, Fem Fel and I, on some ignorant shit…” A contender for my favourite track off the EP, ‘Hey Baby’. Featuring Fem Fel and P Money. Oh, and Katie Price. Yeah, you know, Jordan. Yes, Jordan. No, really, Jordan… Yeah. With her providing the loop of ‘Hey Baby’ surrounded by the best hook on the EP, “I’m not your baby, I’m not your man, you’ve had one too many JDs, I don’t think you understand.” This track contains actual ‘laugh-out-loud’ lyrics, beginning with Mikill, “As far as women go, wouldn’t exactly say jigalo,” and so many others I could quote, so so many.

Now for the unfortunate end. ‘Taking Hold’ ft. Jakwob and Rocky NTI. “I hope that when I’m dead and gone, I leave a legacy of songs behind, and my tombstone says ‘Here lies a man who said the shit that was on his mind.” Think this can sum up the EP; “said the shit that was on his mind.” Similar in pace and style to the ’25 Tracks’, but the added works of Jakwob ensure it has it’s own feel.

Every single track on this EP is magnificent. Every feature is meaningful, and not done for effect on drawing people in. Sure, seeing Ed Sheeran and Example on the tracklist will do that, but their respective features are actually very very good. Same goes for Mikill. Such a cliché, but he really is getting better and better with each release, and I cannot wait ’till the debut album drops this year!

For now, you can download You Guest It here, and if you want listen to it on the little Soundcloud box below. Plus make sure you look out for an A64 on SBTV soon!


Yelawolf On Ed Sheeran: “We just vibed man, that kid is something else!”

Recently, a lot more people over here in the UK realised the talents of Shady Records’ signee, Yelawolf. I only knew a little about him, but I’ve made sure I’ve checked out a lot of his own stuff, and yeah, he’s got a lot of talent! The realisation came from the collaboration EP, ‘The Slumdon Bridge EP’ – with Ed Sheeran.

In an interview with All Star Hip-Hop, Yelawolf was asked about his work with Ed Sheeran, and he certainly sung Ed’s praises!

“What happened with Ed Sheran was I got hit up and they said ‘Hey this kid Ed wants to do an EP.’ I was like, ‘Whats up with his music?’ I listened to his music and I was like, ‘Damn this kid’s music rips, but I don’t know.’ I didn’t really know how the music was going to come out and I just didn’t really know, but I was just like ‘F**k it, lets just get in the studio and see what happens,’”

“I literally pulled into LA and did the whole thing in one night. We just vibed man, that kid is something else, he plays guitar and sings like fool, you know, and he raps. He’s only 21 or 22 and its amazing that some people just get it so young. He’s just going to flourish as an artist, there’s no telling where he’s going to be in 10 years and he’s doing classic s**t right now,”

Nina Nesbitt – 96 Fuckries (JME Cover)

Never would have imagined this being a cover, just ever really. But the incredible Nina Nesbitt has surpassed expectations, with a unique cover of JME’s most recent release, ’96 Fuckries’.

Covering a track which is a full freestyle, with no hook at all, makes the idea sound destined for nothing. But seriously, just seriously, this is mentally good.

Check the cover below, along with a Q&A with Nina too.

She also recently announced her next EP, which you can read about here!

Ed Sheeran – ‘Drunk’ + ‘Empire State Of Mind’ | Radio 1 Live Lounge

Today was Ed’s turn to visit Radio 1’s Live Lounge, in the build up to The Brit Awards next Tuesday. This was Ed’s first Live Lounge accompanied with a full band – and I think it really added to the whole performance, as these two live tracks were sublime – especially the ‘mystery cover’, which turned out to be Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ massive collaboration, ‘Empire State Of Mind’. Which, on face value, would seem like a really difficult track to properly cover, but as always Ed managed…

Listen to the 2 performances:

Oh, if you haven’t downloaded Ed’s recent collaboration EP with Yelawolf (released yesterday) then head here to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – The Slumdon Bridge EP

In case you’ve been in exile for a few weeks, Ed Sheeran announced he had collaborated with Shady Records’ Yelawolf.

Being Ed Sheeran, he hardly made it easy – with only 10 hours to creae the 4 songs which feature on the EP.

My personal favourite is the opening track, ‘London Bridge’ – just the stripped back guitar from Ed, and Yelawolf’s very underrated storytelling style flow.

But each track offers something different, and it certainly doesn’t sound like it took 10 hours to do!

Listen to each track below, then download it for free FROM HERE.

Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – The Slumdon Bridge EP (PREVIEW)

Ed posted the the 1 minute preview of his collaboration EP with rapper, Yelawolf – signed to Shady Records, if you didn’t know.

‘You Don’t Know (For Fucks Sake)’ was posted a week ago, and has been one of those songs which sounds good on first listen, but then keeps digging at you to listen to it again. It’s now engraved in my musical mind. I’m ever growing in love with it.

But this track on the preview. WOW. 1 minutes worth of it, and it captivated me. Sounds like Ed didn’t just throw out the best of the 4 tracks last week then.

Recorded in 10 hours, over in the US, ‘The Slumdon Bridge EP’, will be out “soon as possible”. I mean, now would do Ed?

FOr now, enjoy this preview, and then you can download and listen to the previously released, ‘You Don’t Know…’ HERE

Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Live on Graham Norton) and ‘+’ Stops The Adele Party!

A typically great performance from the 4-time Brit nominee.

Also, in Ed news, ‘+’ went back in at number 1 in the album charts! Denying Adele’s ’21’ a 21st week at the number 1 spot on it’s release anniversary. Ed Sheeran, stopping an Adele party it seems! Will he do the same, by over-shadowing her at the BRITS?

Wait and see.