Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Live on Graham Norton) and ‘+’ Stops The Adele Party!

A typically great performance from the 4-time Brit nominee.

Also, in Ed news, ‘+’ went back in at number 1 in the album charts! Denying Adele’s ’21’ a 21st week at the number 1 spot on it’s release anniversary. Ed Sheeran, stopping an Adele party it seems! Will he do the same, by over-shadowing her at the BRITS?

Wait and see.


MTV’s Best Of The Best Results!

This list seems to always cause full-on debate, and again, I’m pretty sure that’s happened. But I don’t think you can argue with the winner of this Best Of The Best.

Wretch 32. 3 top 5 singles. A top 5 debut album. But, snubbed  by the MOBOs. And snubbed by the BRITS. Wretch spoke about the lack of a nomination for the Brit Awards here.

But finally a bit of recognition for the majorly talented guy.

In the deciding of the list, Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra/ Radio 1), Posty (Grime Daily), Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (MTV), Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan (Music Journalist), Morgan Keyz (SB.TV) and Nardene Scott (RWD) were all in talks, along with BBC 1Xtra’s Vis.

So, there’s no question about the people asked to come up with the lists. But as always, opinions will bring out the other opinions.

I can’t really be bothered to do my own list, as I don’t think I’m the right person to do such a thing. But there’s  a few in the list which I’m wondering about.

However, I’m glad Professor Green didn’t get overlooked because of his commercial success – getting the number 3 spot.

And, I’m properly glad Wretch got the number 1 place. And it obviously meant a lot to him, as he tweeted after the announcement,

#MTVBESTOFTHEBEST2011 thanks a lot. This means more than the No. 1, as I believe in the art form. In this country, we have some of the world’s best spitters/artists. 2012, let’s let the world know. God bless team UK. Thanks again.”

Congratulations Wretch!

Lianne La Havas – Forget (Official Video)

If you haven’t ever listened to the wonderful Lianne La Havas, then this is your chance now! If you do already know of her talents then you’ll probably already have heard this, but this is my favourite track so far from the BBC Sound Of 2012 nominee! This video is for her latest release, ‘Forget’, and I’ve got to say, it’s a really well put together video. And the track’s brilliant too obviously! A track that shows off her vocal talents in perfection.

You can buy ‘Forget’ here: PURCHASE ‘FORGET’

Review | Mikill Pane – The Morris Dancer EP

Funny, clever, and just genuinely brilliant.

If you ask a ‘normal’ human on the street, ‘Do you like Mikill Pane?’, they’ll probably say ‘Sure!’. ‘Ok, now name something of this that isn’t Ed Sheeran related?’ And, unfortunately a fair few will give silence in return.

For an artist that’s been releasing quality music for a while now, why doesn’t everyone know about him! This isn’t supposed to portray Mikill in a bad light, by the way. It’s just portraying everyone who hasn’t listened further into Mikill’s collection, in a bad light.

I’m not saying I’ve followed right from the start, and I’m not going to begin a ‘I listened to him before anyone else’ type of rant, because frankly, I don’t want to sound like a fan-boy. And to be fair, I’ve only began properly listening to him straight after the ‘Little Lady‘ release.

But that’s what amazing collaboration tracks, like that one, will do. If you haven’t really heard much about the other artist, you should go and listen to everything you’re able to.

And, when you do listen to Mikill’s music, you can fully see that ‘Little Lady‘ was no fluke. ‘Summer In The City‘, and my favourite, ‘Read My Lips‘ (brilliant video below) are two songs which can show up so many ‘big’ artists out there right now, who are effectively stealing your 79p spent on iTunes. His last ‘The Guinness & Blackcurrant EP‘, is still available on iTunes, so right after reading this, I suggest you buy the last one while you wait for the release of this EP. I would say order, but don’t really enjoy sounding like a North Korean dictator.

Anyway, ‘The Morris Dancer – EP‘. I could just have the review say ‘It’s just fucking brilliant’. But, yeah, that’s not really a review. So, I’ll explain why it’s so ‘fucking brilliant’.

The opening track – possibly the most important on any release. It allows you to convey the style of the upcoming music that you’re about to witness, so if it’s rubbish, it’s highly likely that the rest of the music is too. So you’ll stop listening.

If anyone stops listening to the EP after hearing the opening track, well, humanity is hopeless. ‘Kings‘ – I don’t know what it is, but it sounds like something – unfortunately I can’t remember what. Either that, or it just sounds so memorable that it’s an instantly loveable track! I’m hoping it’s the second option. Otherwise I’m going to be trying to think what that track it reminds me of, and probably failing.

Second up, is ‘I Like You‘ – which is available for a listen below. And if that doesn’t get you interested, again, humanity is fairly hopeless.

It’s showcases, in my view, Mikill at his best. It’s just one hell of a track – obviously including Mikill’s typically humorous side. Thing is, with humor in music, it very rarely works – as I find it just distracts you. But, it’s just different with Mikill. He can say things which could be said in a conversation, which just happen to be hilarious, but he’s able to put them into his music, and makes it sound completely natural. I think what makes it work, is that it’s that mix of clever and funny – similarly like Example’s full-on rap days actually.

It achieved it’s first radio play, on 1xtra on the 17th – in which CJ Beatz also interviewed Mikill (which you can hear below)

Third on the EP, is ‘Cut Back‘ – which again can been seen as ‘typical’ Mikill Pane. But, the use of ‘typical’ is in a good way. ‘Typical’ can be construed as ‘boring’ or ‘samey’. In this case, it shows consistency. A word which so many artists cannot gain. (Well, Black Eyed Peas can. Consistently shit.)

The last two tracks happen to be my favourites. ‘Sounds Of The Night‘ (Original + a Will Power Remix). The original begins with a slightly distorted chorus, and develops into the sort of lyrics we’ve come to expect from Mikill. It’s also brilliant produced – a great beat behind Mikill’s delivery.

The Will Power remix is incredible. The two have worked together before, eg. on Mikill’sYou Don’t Know Me‘ – which was great in itself. So to see a Will Power remix on the track-listing really got me excited. Doesn’t disappoint.

Overall, I’d say ‘The Morris Dancer EP‘ is a full refreshing sound, from one of the most exciting British artists around. This EP will, no doubt, further the acclaim Mikill Pane has already earned. But maybe this time, he’ll get the acclaim from his own music.

Mikill’s full debut album, ‘Blame Miss Barclay‘ is expected this year – cannot wait to hear this!

The Morris Dancer EP‘ comes out 13th Feb. However, if you head over to THIS LINK you’re able to stream each track from the superb EP. So, I’d advise you do that. But make sure you bloody buy it too.

As a sidenote: I know I always seem to go on about how brilliant a bit of music is… But I do mean it fully. If I don’t like something, I’ll say it. But, there are no faults on this EP – I guarantee you.

Michael Kiwanuka: “The more people who hear your music, the more people you discover don’t like it.”

Speaking to the Guardian, the BBC Sound Of 2012 winner, Michael Kiwanuka has spoken about the added pressure, and ‘expectations’ that come along with the acclaimed win.

“Loads of things excite me about it,” Michael says, “I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t care, because I’ve always wanted to be a musician and recognition for your art is definitely something you take to heart.”

However, he added, “but it may well come with baggage. Expectations. The fact that the more people who hear your music, the more people you discover don’t like it.”

To be frank, he’w write. Some people say it’s almost better to not win, just come in the top 5 or so – that way there will be a lot less expectation and pressure put onto your shoulders.

About his own, destinctive sound, Michael said, “I can’t sing any other way. At first I hated it, I didn’t want to sound like that. You have your heroes and you want to sound like them. In my little head I thought: I don’t sound like Marvin Gaye, so it’s crap.” Adding, “eventually you accept who you are. That it’s better to sound like you. That that’s actually cool.”

Not only a great, unique artist, but also, from the sounds of it, a very level-headed guy.

His debut album, ‘Home Agian’, is out March 23rd.

BBC Sound Of 2012 Results!

20120106-092554.jpgMichael Kiwanuka, the winner of the BBC’s Sound Of 2012 poll! Second was Frank Ocean, third, Azealia Banks, forth, Skrillex, and fifth was Niki &The Dove!

I’d say a very good winner – extremely talented, so its thoroughly deserved!

Right, so there we have it, another year begins, and another successful ‘Sound Of’ poll done by Radio 1. I mean, I would’ve loved to have seen Flux Pavilion and Dot Rotten somewhere in the Top 5 – but it’s pretty assumed that they, and everyone on the long-list, will go on to have a great 2012. However, they won’t be topping charts and being played as often as ‘artists’ like Pitbull or LMFAO during day-time radio will they? It comes back to what I wrote in my ‘Tips For 2013’ effectively, we need to just do a small amount of searching to find talent, which is still untouched and untampered with.

I’m not trying to put a downer on the ‘Sound Of 2012’ at all. Despite the stuck up music bloggers sprinkled over the internet, it’s really a great platform for the artists and bands short-listed! Oh, and if you look at previous winners, Adele, Ellie Goulding, and last years winner, Jessie J, you can see the sort of standard of talent that wins, and the sort of success they go on to achieve!

Wish Michael Kiwanuka the greatest of luck!
Listen and watch him performing live on Jools Holland below!

Michael Kiwanuka – I’m Getting Ready – Live On ‘Later With Jools Holland’