Plan B – iLL Manors (The Prodigy Remix)

We’ve had some very special remixes of certain Plan B tracks. Some that stand out, Nero’s ‘The Recluse’ remix, Pendulum’s ‘Stay Too Long’ remix, and my favourite  16bit’s ‘She Said’ remix. I mean, there’s been some amazing remixes of some already amazing tracks. And this has put them all back a long way in the distance. The gods that are The Prodigy, remixing the hottest track of 2012 so far, what could possibly be better?

(S/O to Soundhall for the quick as lightening rip!)

Premiered on Huw Stephen’s Radio 1 show tonight, it’s a track I’ve been gagging to hear since I first heard about the concept. THE PRODIGY REMIXING PLAN B! It really won’t disappoint the vast audience it will undoubtedly reach, though! When you see ‘The Prodigy remix’, you expect something huge, and with the top reception ‘iLL Manors’ has already received, it was fair to say, this had some living up to do. Well, I think it’s pretty much smashed that living up.

The remix package, with the ‘iLL Manors’ single, is released on March 25th, with another top remix from FuntCase. And if you don’t buy it, me and Plan B will hate you.


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