Plan B – Ill Manors

“No such thing as Broken Britain, we’re just Broke In Britain”


I find it hard to describe the most unbelievable tracks I hear. Every time I think of using words like ‘huge’, ‘massive’, ‘amazing’ etc, I’ll donate £1 to a charity.

Here is the return of one of the best artists the UK has to offer. Plan B, with ‘Ill Manors’:

I discovered Plan B with the introduction of Strickland, so I was a little late. But that didn’t stop me from getting everything I could in music terms from Ben Drew. Fair to say, I was obsessed. And this new track sees a return to my favourite type of Plan B – the Who Needs Actions Plan B. Hard delivery, hard lyrics, hard instrumetals. (Never said I couldn’t say ‘hard’, did I?)

From the first few lines, you know it’ll be huge (Shit, sorry), and it continues, getting bigger and bigger. I was expecting the best, and well, I got it. I’m, also expecting everyone to soak this up, and proclaim it to be the best track of the year so far… and I’d agree completely with them!

Real lyrics, with a proper message. But what would expect from Ben? He’s always done this. Sold out? Check again!


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