Riz MC – All Of You (ft. Plan B and Aruba Red)

So, listen to this:

‘All Of You’ – Ft. Plan B and Aruba Red. Off Riz MC’s upcoming album, ‘MICroscope’.

If you’ve heard an edgier, thrilling track this year, I’d be surprised.

A top video too – completely adds to the sensations the track brings, mainly down to the superb directing from Tom McKay, and acting from Jodie Whittaker – off of Attack the Block & Black Mirror.

It’s hard to pin down what makes it such a hard-hitting track. Everything seems to come into one, to create something vastly different. Riz MC’s hauntingly brilliant lyrics and delivery, Aruba Red’s vocals, and obviously the feature from Ben Drew too.

Of course, a lot of attention will be brought in with a return from Plan B – who has more lined up than Kerry Katona (cocaine reference, if you weren’t getting it…)

  • Ill Manors (ALBUM)
  • Ill Manors (FILM) [also staring Riz!]
  • The Sweeney
Just to name 3!

Little while back I gave you the FuntCase remix of Plan B’s new release, ‘Ill Manors’. But to be fair, you can’t really get a real sense of how strong Ben Drew was in the track. We get a small feel here from this feature, and it seems like Plan B is properly ready to blow again. We’ll know for definite on Monday though. As Zane Lowe will give it it’s first play around 7:30pm – so make sure you’ve got a spare bit of time then!


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