Azu – The Economist + Interview

Every now and then I get aproached with some new music. It really is every now and then, as it very rarely happens. But it’s even rarer to have an artist email over an actual written email – not just an automated one. So, I felt I should check out this email. And I did. And here’s the result.

London based singer/ songwriter Azu released his newest EP yesterday, and, well, basically, it’s great. It’s got that un-tampered feel – a more all round honest feel to the music. Which is really made more prevalent by the lack of it in a lot of music nowadays.


Wall Street Crash

The Black Market

Find out about his writing style, his views on the feelings he’s written and sung about, and then where you can see him playing, in the interview below

How exciting is it, putting a new EP out to be heard?
Its very exciting, I’m interested in the response. Never released anything before and I’m releasing songs that people have never heard. Never performed them live either.
How do you go about your music, does the chorus or verse come first, or is it just random orders?
The concept i.e. ‘Economics’ and then the lyrics- I have never underestimated the power of a lyric! Then the vocal melody and then the chords- usually on my acoustic guitar.
For how long have you been certain music is where you want to take your life?
I have never felt like I had a choice. There has never been a moment where I thought ‘I’m going to do this’- I have always done it.
What did you draw from to write this EP?
The EP is basically me expressing myself with economic concepts. I drew from my personal life as I always do- The song ‘Economics’ is a serious song to me. I’m questioning the value of honesty. Society and religion have encouraged honesty at all times but is there a point where honesty can break you? This was written after I had been ‘economical’ with truth and it was for the better. I’m not asking people to  lie- I’m just saying sometimes you have to twist the truth- exaggerate it or underplay it. The other song ‘Black Market’ is about the joy and thrill of doing something taboo.
I read on your interview with Soundhall that ‘Wall Street Crash’ is based on betrayal. Is it easier to write about darker, more unhappy events?
To be perfectly honest, thats all I write about! I don’t know how to write happy and ‘uplifting’ songs – I’ll leave that to the Lighthouse Family!
Each song of mine is a reportage of events in my life the way they happened- thats not to say I’m an unhappy person- I’m actually really goofy. Unhappy/darker emotions are more complex and I find it way more interested to write- firstly, you have to identify it then decipher it, then understand it , the accept it , then make a decision to move on or not. There’s so much in those emotions that can never be explored in writing about rainbows and butterflies. Having said that, a lot of my songs are written on major chords so the music is not really dark but the lyrics are 99% unhappy/sad/upset/frustrated.
When and where can we see you live in the near future?
13th February at The Dublin Castle, Camden and 28th February at The Troubadour, Earls Court –
And, finally, when and where will ‘The Economist’ EP be available?
The EP is out on the 13th February and you can download it for free
If you needed more persuasion, then you can listen to the 3 tracks at the top of this post, and if that doesn’t do it for you, then, well I don’t know. But I can’t see why you wouldn’t love to have it in your life!
Thanks to Azu for coming forward for this as well!

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