Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – The Slumdon Bridge EP (PREVIEW)

Ed posted the the 1 minute preview of his collaboration EP with rapper, Yelawolf – signed to Shady Records, if you didn’t know.

‘You Don’t Know (For Fucks Sake)’ was posted a week ago, and has been one of those songs which sounds good on first listen, but then keeps digging at you to listen to it again. It’s now engraved in my musical mind. I’m ever growing in love with it.

But this track on the preview. WOW. 1 minutes worth of it, and it captivated me. Sounds like Ed didn’t just throw out the best of the 4 tracks last week then.

Recorded in 10 hours, over in the US, ‘The Slumdon Bridge EP’, will be out “soon as possible”. I mean, now would do Ed?

FOr now, enjoy this preview, and then you can download and listen to the previously released, ‘You Don’t Know…’ HERE


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