Labrinth – Last Time

Yesterday, Labrinth leaked a 1 minute clip of his next single, ‘Last Time’. If you want to read about that and his monstrous ‘Earthquake’ remix line-up, you can so here.

(I think it sounds a lot better if you don’t watch the animation in the video too…)

I wasn’t massively keen on the track on first listen. But that was through a radio app on my phone, with shoddy iPod headphones. Which meant, I didn’t realise the subtle brilliances that Labrinth has incorporated into this track. It also seems a fair few people have missed that too, judging by some reactions to it’s first radio airings.

Labrinth is, by far, the hottest producer in the UK – in my view. And if you don’t realise it through the complete changes in direction with his tracks, but still all including brilliant production, then, I don’t think you ever will.

I guess ‘Last Time’ sees a slight return to the ‘Let The Sun Shine’ days of Lab. I personally prefer the ‘Earthquake’ style Labrinth, but that doesn’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy the other side to Labrinth. Because I do.

If you do prefer the ‘Earthquake’ style, make sure you check out the line-up for the remix of that single, in the opening link!

But what this track shows is that, his debut album, ‘Electronic Earth’, will be diverse and thoroughly produced. It will be a highlight of 2012, no doubt!

‘Last Time’ is out 11th March, and ‘Electronic Earth’ is out 7 days later, on the 19th.

If you don’t enjoy this single first time round, seriously, keep re-visiting it, and it will get in your head, I promise!


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