Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake) | The Slumdon Bridge EP

As Ed released this track, I was on a bus – listening the original No. 5 Collaborations Project. Bit annoying as couldn’t be one of the first to show people it, anyway here you go:

Ed Sheeran ft. Yelawolf – You Don’t Know (For Fuck Sake)

I hadn’t heard much from Yelawolf, to be honest, I only knew of him through his work with Shady Records (yeah, Eminem’s label!). But I really need to get to know more about him, because this is brilliant.

I mean, I can’t see how the Collaborations Project will beat the previous one. The No. 5 Project came when only a few people new a lot about Ed, and it features up and coming UK artists. So whatever came from Ed this time can’t beat the authenticity of the first.

But, let’s face it, this is great. Yelawolf seems to flow well with Ed’s top vocals – showing Ed must have put thought into this project – even if they did only have a few days to record it!

It’s another step for Ed, and I can’t wait to hear the full instalment of the EP – The Slumdon Bridge!



3 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake) | The Slumdon Bridge EP

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