Wretch 32 says Brit Nomination “wasn’t meant to be”

Wretch 32 has finally spoken out about the Brit Awards snub.


Speaking to The Daily Star, Wretch said, “The Brits are such a big deal, it would have been huge to have been nominated. But after an hour of being angry, I just sat back and went, ‘Hey, it wasn’t mean to be.”

“It’s sad not to be nominated, but if you’re not in the running when everybody knows you should have been, then that’s cool. When you get massive love from supporters, none of the other stuff matters.” Then adding, “It may look like someone’s had overnight success, but that’s never the case. People don’t realise how hard it is to get here.”

This snub follows The MOBO Awards similar results, which saw Wretch 32 not win once! Which, from effectively a breakthrough artist, with 3 Top 5 Singles, in ‘Traktor‘ (ft, L), ‘Unorthodox’ (ft. Example), and the number 1, ‘Don’t Go‘ (ft. Josh Kumra). Plus with a debut album reaching number 5 in the album charts too? How can achievement like that be overlooked?

However, Wretch 32, again seemed fully humble in the way he’s handled the situation – focussing on the ‘massive love from supporters’. Which I think is the best way to go about it, just to keep doing what you were already doing. Show the consistency people may not think you have. I can’t wait for new music from Wretch, and I also can’t wait to see him live in the next couple months!
(Info via NME)

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