Review | Wiley – Evolve Or Be Extinct

The Godfather’s returned? Sorry, but when did he leave?

It was only last June when Wiley released ‘100% Publishing‘. And, yeah that was a great album in itself. But just 7 or so months later, he’s back with a 22-track LP – ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct‘.

Instead of attempting to do a track-by-track review, I thought it’d be better to do an overview, and include some of my favourites from the album.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, in this 22-track, there’d be a few weak ones. Sure, there’s some that are better than some others – but you get that on every album, and it’s down to personal preferences. And I do think it starts better than it ends – but, to tell the truth, there are no ‘weak’ tracks here. And, there are some absolutely brilliant tracks:

#1 – ‘Welcome To Zion’As I’ve always thought, the opening track is so important. If you don’t shine on the first track, why the rest be any different. It hasn’t got to be the best track, but something to get you hooked. ‘Welcome To Zion‘ does just that.

#2 – ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’The title track, and it showcases what the rest of the majority of the album will sound like. Huge. A great beat, surrounding Wiley’s top lyrics.

#6 – ‘Weirdo’Featuring a sort of distorted, creepy Tetris style beat, Wiley again, superhumanly delivers in full-on style.

#8 – ‘Can I Have A Taxi Please?’You’ll see in the next couple of track mentions, that ‘story-telling’, features again. But this story includes a beat, and various people trying to book a taxi – including, my favourite, ‘that typical posh guy’. It then ends with Wiley slamming a taxi company – which is always funny to hear.

#11/12 – ‘Customs’/ ‘Immigration’These are technically two tracks, but effectively go together. ‘Customs‘ is basically just a story- a lead-up to ‘Immigration‘. A story of Wiley being stopped at customs, for one of those ‘checks’, with a jumped up policeman. Giving some context to the next track, ‘Immigration‘. A track, which again, has great production and lyrics from Wiley.

#14 – ‘This Is Just An Album’Similar, in the sense that the production is pretty relaxed, to ‘Numbers In Action‘. And it features typically top lyrics and delivery from Wiley. ‘Had to let the beat breathe for a second’. Yeah, this is a ‘slowed down’ track, but doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant.

#22 – ‘High And Lows’Well he had to end strongly. ‘Highs And Lows‘ features a fairly laid-back beat, when compared to the rest of the album, which really shows off Wiley’s lyrical class. I’d be surprised if after to listening to this track, you don’t skip straight back to the beginning.

It’s dark at points, it’s funny at points, but it’s brilliance shines throughout. 2012 has already served up some great music, and in short, Wiley’s album is right up there!


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