Professor Green – How Many Moons (ft. Dream Mclean and Rinse)

(May be a bit quiet, if it is, that’s just how it was taken off this person’s radio – just buy it on Sunday if you want a copy!)

I’ve waited so long to hear a studio version of this track – which was debuted on Pro’s recent At Your Inconvenience UK tour, but finally premiered on national radio on the Monday just gone – as always, nowadays, by 1xtra and Mistajam!

I loved hearing this track on live recordings on YouTube, but the studio version surpassed all my expectations – it’s just absolutely huge! Dream and Rinse just smashed their respective verses!

The first time I heard about Camo & Krooked producing a track for Professor Green, I was excited enough – after their truly brilliant ‘Monster’ remix. And Pro’s verses didn’t let down one bit. But to now hear two other great artists, in Dream Mclean and Rinse, on it, just adds to the already mentally good track. In the words of Pro, himself, “They [Dream and Rinse] absolutely terrorised the ‘How Many Moons’ remix.” Yeah, they did, didn’t they.

I’m writing this while still in the hype of hearing it, but I’ve got to say, this ‘How Many Moons’ remix is the track of 2012 so far, for me!

It’s available for purchase in the ‘Never Be A Right Time’ bundle on iTunes, Amazon etc. on 22nd Jan, i.e, Sunday!


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