Ed Sheeran & Example To Collaborate | Nandos Skank Memories

Yesterday, while NME were trying to take down Ed Sheeran, the news emerged about this collaboration – with Ed and Example.

How long we’ll have to wait to hear it is uncertain, but the track has already been recorded – when both were over in America recently. Sheeran told Capital FM: “We’ve just done a song together so we were talking about shooting a video for that.”

Adding, about his and Example’s Brit nominations, Ed said: “We texted each other about the nominations which was nice – he’s got ‘Best British Single’ nomination as well which is good.”

I’m presonally really excited to hear what it’ll sound like! Will it be like a laid-back acoustic Sheeran based song, or the ravey sound of Example? Also, seeing as both of them are technically classed as singers, which one will do the chorus, which one will do verses… Or will it be completely rap based? I’d love to see a proper return to rap from both of them! But, whatever it sounds like, will it ever be able to beat this earlier collaboration…

Ed was taken on board by Example in one of his earlier UK tours in 2010, along with Yasmin and Devlin too. This tour support act announcement was where I first discovered Ed, and this ‘Nando’s Skank’ collaboration really cememted my love for both these aritsts… and Nandos.

One last thing Ed said, “There’s not really much competition. It’s like one big British movement moving forward.” So, NME, if you think you can bring down a whole British movement, then good luck to you.


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