Ryan Keen – Winter Rain + New Website!

I would attempt to upload this somehow, but then I’d have two problems:

  1. I’d probably fail.
  2. It would mean you wouldn’t necessarily sign up to Ryan Keen’s mail-list.

Which to be able to download this track for free, you have to do. Don’t consider it an order, but you really should do it! Not just because the track, ‘Winter Rain’, is brilliant, but because then you’ll automatically receive updates from one of the best singer/songwriters out there… Win win really.

Ryan’s EP, ‘Focus’, is ‘coming soon’ – just hope soon rather than later! But if this track is anything to go by, the EP will sound and feel superb!

If you get to see him supporting Ed, or at one of his ‘smaller’ gigs, then count yourself lucky!

(Oh, and there’s a video due soon, made by the people behind Rastamouse… Cannot wait for that!)

You can sign up to receive ‘Winter Rain’, and future updates on Ryan’s new site here: http://www.ryankeen.co.uk/

As a sidenote: Ryan was my first ever interview, and was my first ever WordPress post. It feels like a year ago, but was actually only over a couple of months ago! Time’s gone quick! You can read the interview here!

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