More BRIT Award Thoughts

So, yesterday I posted the nominations for the Brit Awards 2012 – along with who I think will win, and also who I think deserves to win.

There’s a couple of complaints too, well a few I guess.

How ‘Read All About It’ wasn’t in the Best Single is just remarkable. One of the biggest selling singles, from one of the best artists of the year, Professor Green, featuring the Critics Choice Winner for 2012, Emeli Sande – how can that be looked over, compared to something like, ‘She Makes Me Wanna’?!

Also, a genreal complaint of how Example didn’t feature in more categories. Only having ‘CTWYKM’ nominated in Best Single? Well, what about Best Male Solo Artist etc? At least he got the one nomination, last year he was over-looked completely, with ‘Kickstarts’ somehow not appearing anywhere!
But the main complaint I have against the nominations. Wretch 32. Not nominated in any categories. Which is rediculous – especially after not winning once at the MOBOs either! With singles like ‘Traktor’, ‘Unorthodox’, and ‘Don’t Go’ – how on earth was one of them not featured!

I would also say he should have been nominated for Mastercard Album Of The Year – ‘Black And White’ was my favourite, and, top album from 2011. So to see that rejected as well was slightly annoying.

Also, the leaving out of Katy B was pretty astonishing really! A critically acclaimed debut album, which was seemingly loved by everyone – for her not to have it nominated, and herself in the Best Female Solo Artist category is unbelievable to be honest!

Was this just the over-looking of some of the more successful UK urban scene? Or just a coincidence, that the main people left out, or not included as much as people think they should, are, and have worked their way through the more underground route, especially Katy B in that case.

Also, as a sidenote, after thinking about it again, I can see Adele possibly only winning 1 time, if that! I would say arguably she deserves the 3 she’s been nominated in – in my view, there is no better female artist in the UK. For some reason, i can see her being over-looked as her main success came right at the beginning of the year, and there’s some sort of snobbery about saying Adele  is as brilliant as she is now? She’s an amazing artist, and personality wise, she fu*ks all over the rest of them!

Even so, I guess the nominations were fairly understandable, and good in most cases, for me anyway. But I can still see some people that deserve to win, not doing so.

And finally, this is just a general point. Why are some catagories open to public vote – I know it gets people involved, but it just leads to fan campaigns, which just aren’t right in my view. Look, I love Ed, but surely he could deserve to win anyway? Why do we as the public decide? I mean, it’s difficult, ‘cos obviously it gets public opinion across, but really it” come down to who has the most committed fans, and the pluggiest twitter page! Just seems a bit X-Factor style. Plus, have you seen some of the public? We aren’t always the brightest lot! (Rant done.)

I actually do love the Brit Awards by the way, I really really do!

But one thing to make clear, if Ed Sheeran doesn’t walk away with 3 or more, I’ll be surprised.


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