Ed Sheeran’s Continued Success

Seeing as all my followers really seem to adore Ed Sheeran, I thought I’d do another recap of the 13 days gone so far in 2012 – and what Ed’s managed to achieve in them.

I’ve already written a large piece on the wonder that is Ed Sheeran, in late December. But even that is out of date now, ‘cos things haven’t slowed down at all. Opposite, really.
The first number 1 album of the year, ‘+’ – which also soon after went triple platinum (over 900,000 copies), and was nominated for Mastercard British Album Of The Year for the Brit Awards. Oh, and with the other 3 nominations for the singer/songwriter. Best Male Solo Artist. British Breakthrough Act. British Single. 4… 4 nominations! 4 nominations for one of the most prestigious awards ceremony.

Add this to the 25 minute sell-out time for his Thetford Forest gig in the summer.

All of the above has happened in 2012. It’s currently January 13th. He’s done all this in 13 days?! Incredible.

Oh, plus, watch out for the release of his upcoming collaborations EP, with one of his favourite US artists.


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