Introducing: Kings Of The City

‘Wu Tang Clan meets The Beatles’. Big, and unique claims. But claims Kings Of The City Can easily back up.

Kings Of The City, a cross-genre collective from London, are really shaping up to have a big 2012! After a 2011 of positive reviews from RWD, 1xtra, SB.TV and the likes, and supporting the brilliant Maverick Sabre on his UK headline tour, Kings Of The City will be looking to produce a “constant flow of videos, new music and many gigs”.

Their new EP, ‘No Rules To The Game’ showcases perfectly what this lot are all about – that original, yet memorable mix of rap, rock, hip-hop and blues. What other artists could say they’ve packed all that into their recent work?

Make Me Worse – Official Video Coming Soon!

They’ve also previously produced a Covers EP. Which showed the complete versatility, covering tracks from Maverick Sabre (shown below) and Wretch 32, to Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac! But what I loved about this EP most, was the fact that every track, especially the more recent tracks, sounded like they could just be a Kings Of The City track – they made them their own.

In-between editing videos for their tour diary and singles, they managed to answer a few questions from me… Enjoy.
1) I first came across you lot through Twitter and SB.TV. Just how important have SB.TV been so far – filming for 3 of the covers from the previous EP?

We have a lot of respect for SB.TV as they have given us a platform to showcase the industry what we are about. Without a doubt, they have increased our awareness.

2) How did you all go about choosing the songs for the Covers EP, ‘cos the choices do vary a lot, from Professor Green to The White Stripes – was it like every member chose one, or a group effort?

Originally we wanted to cover classics from the past, our first was actually a live cover we do at shows of ‘I Want You’ by The Beatles. I think that was Danny’s suggestion, and the rest came from future whiskey sessions. The SB.TV covers were more a way to show what we can do with today’sUKhip hop and grime music.

3)  I had a little watch of your biography video, and there’s a lot of great comments from pretty big people, like Charlie Sloth, Marcus Barnes (music journo for The Sun/Daily Mail and others), people at RWD, that must be brilliant getting reactions like that?

We show nothing but honour and respect to those that show it back to us. That is all.

4) I know you’ve got ‘Wu Tang Clan meets The Beatles’ in the info section of your Facebook page, I mean, it must be hard to pin your music down as one genre, right?

Yeah its hard but we kind of like that to be honest, because there is a wide range of music we feel we are capable of making and eventually we want to make it all, so by not having a particular genre that we fall into it allows us that unlimited creative space to experiment musically which is how we started in the first place.

5) There’s 7 of you, so is it easy to stay focused as a group, or are there the occasional little ‘artistic disputes’?

Yeah course, we always have ‘artistic disputes’ its the same for every group or band, or atleast it should be, because we’re all striving for the best possible musical product so any disputes we do have once ironed out, which is easy because we all know each other well, the music is the one that wins in the end.

6) I’ve seen a few highlighs of a few of your shows; which one stands out above the rest?

Off tour, I think Jazz Cafe as its such a prestigious venue all of us feel very honoured to have played there on the same stage as some very talented and big artists, some of our favourite artists even.
On tour, I think for crowd reaction and love its very hard to choose but Brighton probably stands out the most as we’ve never had so many people in one room vibing off our music like that the energy was incredible.

7) The Tour Documentary’s gone up recently:

How was supporting Maverick Sabre – a guy who everyone sane knows is going to have a massive year?

Supporting Maverick Sabre was a weird experience. We never knew whether to expect an audience who adored us or an audience who didnt care at all. We ended up with some hardcore fans though and Mav is a gentleman.

8)  Your new EP, ‘No Rules To The Game’ is out now as a free download, would you say it’s your best work so far?

No rules to the game is some of our best work so far but there is some material we haven’t released yet that we’ve been holding back for future projects

9) What does 2012 have in stall for Kings Of The City?

2012 will be a year of consistency. Constant flow of videos, new music and many gigs up and down the country. Continued support from Charlie Sloth and SB.TV and playing our trademark shows.

Big thanks to Kings Of The City for the interview, sure you’ll smash 2012!


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