Professor Green ft. Fink – Read All About It (Part II)

(At one point, I’m pretty sure, this was an exclusive between Q Magazine and my page, which I’m quite liking – and it’s still not available through searches on YouTube yet either!)

This took me completely unaware, and seemingly the majority of people. But I’m doing my little bit to make sure people hear this track. As it is just beautiful, emotional, and just deep. Continuing the same theme as the massive number 1 single, which featured Emeli Sande, this Part II track is a lot more simplistic in its nature – stripped back in essence. Similarly, in production terms, to Pro and Fink’s recent collaboration in the recent album, ‘Spinning Out’.

But this is just something else. As soon as the opening sounds hit you, you know you’re going to be captivated for the next 3 minutes or so, not listening to anything else going on – just focusing on Pro’s thoughtful, considerate, hauntingly deep lyrics, which are supported, almost protected, by Fink’s brilliant laidback chorus – perfectly the opposite of Sande’s version of chorus. Both brilliant, but in very different ways.

(if anyone makes a Eminem ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie [Part 2] comparison, you’re dead to me)

Even if you don’t like rap, or even Professor Green himself, if you’re not moved by this, you’re not human.


2 thoughts on “Professor Green ft. Fink – Read All About It (Part II)

  1. Differnet isn’t a word. Also you can’t compare Eminem to anybody. He exceeds anybody who has ever picked up a pen and paper.

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