Gabrielle Aplin – ‘Home’ (EP) – Review.

When I first heard Gabrielle Aplin, I assumed she was around 24/25 and had a record deal. I was wrong. She’s just 19, and she doesn’t have a record deal – and it’s fair to say I was a bit shocked. Someone this young, and still unsigned with this level of talent! To put it in perspective, Little Mix’s average age is around 19. Yeah, and they have a record deal. Incredible.

Recently features across a few UK papers, such as the Daily Star and The Guardian, Gabrielle has been described a one of those artists that take 2012 by storm – and on this occasion, the British music media got something right! The Guardian notably said, “ready to live up to her ‘internet sensation’ hype.” ‘Ready to live up’ to it, Guradian? I think you mean, exceed it massively – because this new EP is stunningly good!

‘Home’, the single and opening track. A track which beautifully showcases Gabrielle’s voice. It’s fairly simplistic in terms of style, to begin with – nothing to overshadow her voice, but this again, brings out the best in her talents. But the track develops into a crescendo, with all instruments included, bringing them to the foreground with Gabrielle’s vocals, before slipping back to end similarly with the peaceful beginning.

Next up is ‘Keep Pushing Me’, which is a big change to ‘Home’. Starting similarly, with a few piano keys, but then develops into, in essence, a Mumford & Sons style track. Which, to me at least, is sublime.

Third track from the EP is, ‘Out On My Own’, again, a track which doesn’t sound much like the previous two before it. Even the chorus and verses can be seen to sound like two different songs! The perfect laid-back acoustic guitars and percussion seem to match with Gabrielle’s vocals beautifully. But so do the stronger, more prominent guitars and drums. I wonder if anything that wouldn’t match her voice?

The penultimate track on the EP, ‘Romeo Must Die’ is another strong one – strong in vocals and instrumental terms. Heavy, upbeat piano beat mixing with Gabrielle’s vocals very well once again. Probably the most addictive track on ‘Home’.

And finally, the last song, ‘Let Me In’ – deep, calm end to the EP. Practically just Gabrielle’s stunning vocals are featured on this one – just layered on top of backing harmonies. Which then develops further with stronger vocals, and introduction of deep background drums.

When writing this, Gabrielle’s EP is, seemingly, on a non-stop iTunes chart rise. (21 in the album charts at the moment, but I’m imagining it will keep going up) Wonder if anyone can remember an unsigned artist who released an EP in January which soared the iTunes charts without that vital record company backing and promotion? That artist by the end of the year had one of the most successful album releases of the year. Yeah, Ed Sheeran. What’s to say the storming of the charts from an unsigned position, couldn’t happen again?A vast amount of people just assume a singer/songwriter’s EP will be just say ‘bit samey’. But this is just consistent brilliance.

Official Video for ‘Home’ – which has already clocked over 200,000 views?!


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