Eric Turner (Featuring Kardinall Offishall, Wretch 32, and Professor Green) – Style Changer. [Prod. iSHi]

I’ve waited to review this track for a few days now. Basically me not being able to operate Hulkshare meant I couldn’t actually put a copy of the track into the review to listen to – which I always try and do. So I had to wait ’till I’ve found a radio rip on YouTube, and now I found that radio rip (it’s at the end of this post). So here you go…

Oh, quickly see if you can guess which radio DJ’s show it was premiered on…

Mistajam’s. Like so many great tracks are now!

Eric Turner will predominately be known for his superb feature on Tinie’s ‘Written In The Stars’, but my favourite track I’ve heard him on, was his collaboration feature with Sway on Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Break The Chain’. To be fair, both were, and still are great tracks. But now we have something he can credit himself on. Eric Turner (Featuring Kardinall Offishall, Wretch 32, and Professor Green) – Style Changer.

This is the first track heard off of Eric Turner’s upcoming mixtape, and the production is courtesy of iSHI, who is also responsible for some other great production work, funnily enough, for each of the artists in this Eric Turner track. My two favourite album tracks from Wretch’s ‘Black And White’ album were produced by iSHi, ‘Sane’s The New Mad’, and ‘Don’t Be Afraid (ft. Delilah)’. iSHi has also notably produced ‘Game Over’ which in my view included Pro Green’s been ever verse (the Kerry Katona line gets me every time!). He also produced the ‘Break The Chain’ track I mentioned earlier, and helped produce ‘Read All About It’. Devlin’s ‘Brainwashed’, Example’s ‘Two Lives’, and 4 tracks off Tinie’s debut album (including Eric’s featured track, ‘Written In The Stars’) were all, also, done by iSHI! So, with a list like that, it’s no surprise that the production on this track is supreme!

Wretch’s verse is top, and so is Pro’s – I wouldn’t say their best feature track verses, however. My favourite feature verse from Wretch, was on the remix of ‘Hitz’. And I’ve already told you that I think Pro’s was in ‘Game Over’! But, those set very high standards, which will be very hard to top! So, I’m in no way saying they’re lacking here – and the fact you can hear them on the same track, along with the brilliant Kardinall Offishall and Eric Turner, is more than enough talent for me!

If this level of production and featured artists is kept throughout the upcoming mixtape, then we shall count ourselves lucky!


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