Prodigy “won’t go near” Dubstep!


Today marks Zane Lowe’s last breakfast show on Radio 1 while filling in for Chris Moyles. He’s done quite a good job of it, I must say! And, today, apart from announcing the ‘Sound Of 2012’ winner, Michael Kiwanuka, he also had a short interview with the busy Liam and Keith from The Prodigy, and yes, ‘busy’ does mean NEW music from them!

Firstly, they told Zane about taking the Warrior’s Dance show, from Milton Keynes, to Serbia! But they were reluctant to say that they’d take it to a load more international locations.

Then the new music. An album still seems a way off, for now. But they told Zane they had the artwork and title for the LP, and they’ve got “lots of ideas down” but they’re, “still developing the sound.” What I was very happy about hearing was the news from this quote, “all the dubstep stuff that’s going around, we’re loving it, but that’s not our game, we won’t go near it… We know what we do.” If The Prodigy had changed their ways to incorporate the trends of dubstep, I think it’d be the start of a tragically slow death for them. So, to hear they’re sticking to the ways they’ve always developed their music, is brilliant! They’re trying to find the sound that’s “the next stage of The Prodigy.” Can’t tell you how much The Prodigy have influenced me in my musical tastes, ‘Invaders Must Die’ is possibly the most influential albums in my life, it opened my eyes to a lot of other music in various genres… So to hear the promise of new music in “the first third of the year” is just massive!

By the sounds of the interview, the only UK gig they’ll be doing will be at Download Festival, so that will definitely be a special one!



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