Ed’s Surprised About Success Of +!

If you missed last weeks album charts, Ed Sheeran’s debut album, ‘+’, went straight from no.9 to no. 1 – despite being out for over 4 months!

Ed told the Daily Star, “It amazes me. I don’t know where these people who keep buying my music every week come from or why they keep buying it. I was told statistically somebody is more likely to buy a song if they hear it three times on the radio. I suppose because my music has had more radio plays, more people have picked it up. It fascinates me.”

It’s fully deserved Ed, mate!

Sheeran is currently in the US recording something unknown (to most people) and very special! Ed took to twitter to describe and tease more about the project in America, saying the new Collaboration EP was, “some of the most interesting music I’ve made in a while”… Cannot wait to hear more about it!20120105-200613.jpg


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