Adele Dominating As Usual…

So, it’s hard to argue that Adele had one of the most successful years in music history, right? Well, yeah it wasn’t just in the UK though!

  • ‘Rolling In The Deep’, and her album, ’21’ have been announced as the highest selling singles and albums in America in 2011 – both selling 5.8 millions copies!!
  • ’21’ is the first album in the US to sell over 5 million copies since 2004 as well!
  • Her album is also top of the Billboard charts over in the US, again. It’s now gone 14 weeks non-consecutively at the top!
  • Oh, there’s more. ’21’ is looking like it will be back at the top of the UK Album Charts on Sunday – making it 19 non-consecutive weeks!
  • And if it does (it will), ’21’, will become the longest-topping album in the UK for 40 years!

She is just incredible. Amazingly talented. And also, I’d say, impossible to hate – even if you dislike her music, Adele as a person is just so likeable!

There’s a few days left to watch the stunning higlights from her performence at the Albert Hall… watch here: Adele_Live_at_the_Royal_Albert_Hal


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