4th January’s Music Round-Up:

Again, there were quite a few news items that stood out to me. So, basically what these news update posts are, are me taking the best bits of music news off of the main websites (effectively nicking them really), like NME and 4Music, etc, and bring ’em all to you lot. And, HOPEFULLY, this will become a fairly regular feature on here!

1. Right, firstly, big news! The Killers are returning! Yes, they’ve never topped ‘Hot Fuss’, but even so, there’s no doubt they’re a great band. Frontman, Brandon Flowers told Zane Lowe this morning on Radio 1 that they will also be touring the UK ‘very soon’ – no dates of yet, but just keep an eye out!

2. SB.TV hit 85 million views, and 146,000 followers earlier today! Just showing, once again, how massive SB.TV has already become!

3. Miles Kane has revealed that himself and Alex Turner, in the form of The Last Shadow Puppets, will be returning with a second album! Unfortunately, it’ll be towards the end of the year when they finally get back in the studio together.

He told ‘Noise11.com’, “There will be [another record] when the time is right. We’ll both know together when it’s right. We’re both enjoying our own things, but we’re still working together and when the time is right we’ll go and do that again.” When asked if he could put a date on it, Kane replied: “Maybe the end of this year, maybe next year.”

4. Right, any female Example fans reading here? Here’s what you could expect if you were with him… (It’s not a naked photo by the way.)

He said, speaking to ‘Q Magazine’, “women are very impressed by poetry, it’s amazing!” Adding, “you could buy a girl a Mulberry bag or write a poem and they’ll have the same value to her. I’m good with rhyming words so I don’t have to buy that many gifts; I’ll just write a poem that takes maybe a minute.”

Elliot also said he doesn’t like being “hassled” by fans, but he thinks it makes potential girlfriends more willing to go home with him. Nice.

5. Lily Allen today revealed her baby’s name… Ethel Mary. Rather nice, I reckon! Hopefully we’ll see Lily back in music sometime in the future!

6. Good ol’ David Cameron has apparently been coming up with a set of guidelines/ regulations which are reported to have age ratings on music videos. This to halt “the commercialisation and sexualisation” in current lifestyles, effectively to stop little kids gawping at slutty videos. Bet Rihanna’s screwing.

7. Punk legend, Patti Smith, has told ‘Uncut’ that he’s currently writing a song about Amy Winehouse. Smith said, “The little song for Amy just blossomed in the studio. We were at [New York studio] Electric Lady doing a whole other song and I wrote Amy a little poem when she died and my bass player, Tony Shanahan, wrote a piece of music and the two matched perfectly.”

8. Sarah Harding is now facing ‘assault’ charges, over attacking her boyfriend on New Years Eve.

A police spokes-person told the press, “Both the man and the woman face assault charges. The difference is allegations against him are because she made a complaint – allegations against her are as a result of the man’s injuries… When it’s clear there has been an injury the process is automatic.”

9. Azealia Banks has been announced as coming in 3rd place in the BBC’s Sound of 2012! Following Skrillex and Niki & The Dove coming 4th and 5th respectively.  The top two acts will be revealed over next couple of days.

10. And finally, I thought it’d be nice to include one of those jokey stories, like they do at the end of the proper news, and one came to my attention… Paris Hilton is releasing a House album. Wow, er, why?


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