Today’s News (3rd Jan ’12)

I don’t normally do things like this, but I’ve seen a few musical news items from last night/today that really took my eye. So, here they are:

1. Flux Pavilion had a brilliant album track played on Mistajam’s 1xtra show last night: Check it here:  YouTube Rip and read a review from Soundhall here: Flux Pavilion – Lift You Higher – Reivew


2. Example has written a new song for The Wanted? Yeah, that’s right! I was a bit surprised by this, after Elliot had criticised their verses in ‘Glad You Came’ in the past. But, I guess this would be a way to show them why he was right?

Despite the early criticism, Elliot now admits his attitudes to The Wanted have changed, saying, “When they first came out I was wrong about them. They were a bit rough around the edges like any boy band are, but now they are really polished.” He continued, “They’re good singers, performers and look great. A lot of people think I hate pop stars but I just don’t like bad pop. I like it that they’re not too choreographed and are like a bunch of mates bumbling around.”

The track is planned to be called ‘Chasing The Sun’, and has been singled out as a song that could help the boy band break into the US music scene. Well, good luck to ’em.

3. Wretch 32’s album ‘Black And White’ has today gone GOLD! Massive congratulations, and a thoroughly deserved one as well. ‘Black And White’ was by far one of the best albums of the year just gone – each track flowing perfectly together, never mind if it was a massive top 5 single, Wretch managed to keep the standard up with incredible album tracks, especially in ‘Sane’s The New Mad’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ – ft. Delilah. It was a real showcase of UK talent, and to see it go gold is just brilliant!

4. The Arctic Monkeys accidentally ruined the New Years countdown at a festival in Australia – by leaving stage at 11:58! Front-man Alex Turner said after the band came back on at 00:01, “Sorry we thought someone else had organised a countdown. Let’s do one now then shall we?” They had already played for over an hour, so I can’t see how anyone would be that annoyed.


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