Right, thankyou to all the people who’ve entered – reckon there’s about 50 of you! (even if 350+ people viewed the actual competition page? – guess they didn’t like the prizes)

I’ll be doing the draw for the winner either tomorrow or Tuesday – I have a lot of A Level Christmas homework to start and then finish, but if I get time, I’ll do it tomorrow.

To show how successful this whole competition was:
Searching my name into google, now brings the comp. page up as the first result.
It’s risen my visitor numbers up from 1,000 to over 1,700 – in a week!
I’ve now gone over 100 Twitter followers.
I’ve now gone over 100 Tumblr followers.
And almost at 50 Facebook likes.

So, yeah, I’d say it was pretty successful for me. And not forgetting you lot – as one of you will end up with the Ed Sheeran prizes being delivered to your front door!

But even if you don’t win, please don’t unfollow/unlike/lose interest, as there will be more articles, reviews, interviews, and obviously, more competitions at certain ‘landmarks’!
There may also be some big news around June, but yeah, that’s a secret, a proper secret for now…

Bt anyway, thankyou so very much, and good luck to you all!



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