Will Ackrill: Music’s… Competition

Right, I’ve posted this competition, which must mean I’ve hit the 1,000 visits mark – which in 8 weeks, I’d say is pretty great, and thank-you if you’ve been just 1 of them!

To mark this, and the fact it’s sort of still Christmas, I’ve decided to be a bit generous.


  • Any Ed Sheeran top of choice (can’t say which one, due to size and availability obviously – but it’ll be your choice of the available ones!)
  • An Ed Sheeran wristband.
  • A ‘You Need Me’ EP, in physical CD form – featuring the original ‘You Need Me’, ‘So’, ‘Be Like You’, ‘The City’ and ‘Sunburn’. (I know they’ve been re-released recently, but I still couldn’t find the physical copy in HMV – so they’re still fairly rare!)

So the reason it’s Ed based is because it was my feature on Ed Sheeran that bumped up my visitor numbers so quickly earlier this week – also he has the best fan pages, who’ll hopefully spread the word…

So, the entering bit:

  • There’s 4 following options there, and basically if you follow one of them, you can enter once. Follow two of the options, enter twice. Follow 3 options, enter 3 times. And, yeah, in case you couldn’t see how that was developing, follow all 4 options, and you can enter 4 TIMES! So the more pages of mine you follow, more chance you have of winning!

Right, now how to enter:
Just answer this question…

  • At what venue, was Rupert Grint filmed live on stage for the ‘Lego House’ video? (HINT: It was on one of Ed’s latest tour venues…)
  • You will need to email you answers to ‘willackrillmusic@gmail.com‘ – and you’ll have to take a screenshot of the ways which you’re following me (for each time you enter)…
  • Also, don’t be t*ats about it, i.e, don’t unfollow straight after the comp. ends – it’s not exactly fair is it.

I know it might seem a bit complicated, but I’m writing this whilst a bit sleepy, but yeah. So, if you have any questions about the competition, get in contact with me somehow… there’s been lots of ways to do that posted earlier, so use one of them.

No idea how this will go down, but…

Competition will close end of New Years Day!


(You know what, if I really get some big numbers on this, I may chuck in a promise of more prizes. Maybe.)

It is open to anyone, even outside of the UK, you’d just need to say what country in your email!


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